Sideways French & tutorial

Heyhey :) I was in the mood for something different today, and I think it turned out pretty classy! I decided to do a little tutorial for this look as well. Hope you like it!

China Glaze Sweet Hook saran sponged with China Glaze 2030 and tips and sides with Essence Black Is Back.

The lines look crisp clean on my nails, it's just on these big photos that it looks a bit wobbly. And yes, that annoys me big time, haha. Of course you can freehand these black lines, but if you struggle with that, tape works great! Here's how I did it:

1 Apply your basecolor and let dry.
2 Use a little ball of saran wrap to sponge your 2nd color on your nails.
3 Cut a piece of tape straight off, then cut off the little corner rounded.
4 Apply the tape on a nail and press the edges down firmly.
5 Apply your 3rd color, and remove the tape straight after. If you wait too long, the chance of messing up the lines is bigger, ad you can see on the last photo.
6 Wrap your tips with the 3rd color (I forgot that, looks better if you do) and apply your top coat.

For more info on taping, have a look at my How To: Taped mani.

What do you think of this look and my tutorial? First time I'm doing one of those so feedback would be great!
Thanks for looking :)