Herôme Prinsessen nagellak - Review

Hi all! The polishes that I'm showing you today are unique and unlike anything else in my stash. In fact, I don't even know another brand that has similar polish to the ones I'm talking about now! Here are 5 of the Herôme Prinsessen nagellak (princesses nail polish).

From thumb to pinkie: I am Naughty, I am Special, I am Smart, I am Hilarious, I am Brave.

Now what's so special about these you ask? It's just 3 cremes, a shimmer and a frosty, right? Right! But here's a hint:

That's indeed a bowl of colored water. Colored by this polish even! These polishes are for kids, they're waterbased and you can just wash them off!

The drying time was a bit slower on these, but I used 3 coats of each and I doubt a kid would use 3 as well. Cleanup was a bit funky with water (and as you can see on my pinkie on the first pic, it left a thin film of polish on my skin where I didn't clean enough), and they smell a bit funny too. The red one was almost a 1-coater, but the rest needed more to even out. They were all a bit streaky, the blue one was most streaky but it was also a bit watery (which I kinda expected them all to be!).
But my nails are a lot bigger of course, and I bet some kids would love their own polish that they can apply themselves! I doubt they would care much about a streak here and there on their tiny self-polished nails :) And I can imagine the parents would be happy as well, knowing it'll come right off and there's no strong chemicals going on their child's hands.

Here's the whole collection, as you can see they offer a wide range of colors:

As the bottles say, they're for external use only. That would make them suitable for kids that are young enough to be ok with polish for kids and old enough to not put their fingers in their mouth. Considering I accidentally ended up tasting this myself, I guess that could be a bit challenging, lol! Although I have to say, my 3 coats didn't come off straight away without me rubbing my nails a bit (I used cold water) so I think it wouldn't be too much of an issue, especially if the little princess is proud of her fancy nails.
What I wondered about though, are the English names. I think Dutch names (just as the name of the polish range itself) would've been better. And it might just be me, but when I think of a red polish that's called I am Naughty, I don't think of polish for children straight away :P
Having said that, I think it's a nice idea and I'm sure there will be kids and parents who will love these waterbased polishes :)

They're available now in stores and on the Herôme website for €3,95 each, a bottle contains 7ml. They also have sets that contain polish, handcreme, etc. You can find the sets here.

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