I'm Not Lion

Hi everyone :) The polish that I'm showing you today is a glitter that I think looks great without top coat. Yeah, really! It's only slightly gritty then and I think I actually prefer it without top coat even! It's more of a beige/champagne kinda color in most light, but at times it looks more silver, and other times more golden. I thought in advance that it would maybe be too warm for my skintone, but it actually works surprisingly well most of the time and I really think it's a pretty! ^^

China Glaze I'm Not Lion (without top coat).

China Glaze I'm Not Lion (without top coat).

On the above photo you can see the holographic glitters well, and the photo below is with 1 layer of top coat. To get it really smooth it would need another, but it works either way :)

China Glaze I'm Not Lion

What do you think of this polish, do you prefer it with or without TC?
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