Instagram compilation #3

Hi guys! It's been a while and still no polish in this post, oops! It's just one of those periods where I have a lot on my mind and polishing has a lower priority. But as usual, I'll be back :) In fact, I did some swatching today and those polishes should be up on my blog tomorrow or this weekend. Thanks for sticking with me! ♥ Because I did want to post something today, I made another IG compilation.

1) Dewey often joins me in bed in the evening, then he gets all cuddly and adorable, aww!
2) Tried baking bread, ahh the smell of freshly baked bread. And they tasted nice too :)
3) I made a baby rattle toy (crochet), here it wasn't finished yet, I added another ring to it in pink. That became a pressie for my newborn niece! Big congrats again to my sister and her husband ♥ (and with becoming an aunt I instantly felt a lot older, lol!)
4) Polished painting in the making. Still isn't finished though!
5) A Swedish drink that I miss, love that stuff!
6) Gotta love cat paws, here foster kitty Salla shows hers.
7) Slacky Sue, but nothing new there!
8) Zwarte pieten! Went shopping the other day but didn't know Sinterklaas was in our town that day, so the whole city was filled with these.
9) The polishes that I swatched today, sparkly and original!

1) Adorable Sue :)
2) Salla in her cage in the quarantine of the shelter before she came home with me. She's still here, waiting for a new owner!
3) Turns out my phone makes pretty decent close-ups! That was a photo of this mani.
4) One of my all time favorites, nommm.
5) Getting more than 2k followers on IG, woah!
6) Looking at my snoozing cats always relaxes me :)
7) Finally got a new lamp for photos, haven't tested it properly yet (only for some quick photos today) but so far it looks good!
8) Bindi on top of the couch. A normal spot for my other 2, but seeing her there was so nice, a while ago she wouldn't have dared to go lie in the middle of the room like that! She's about 10 1/2 years old now and still improving ♥
9) So many wheels and I still know from almost all of them what polish it is, haha. I'm sure that sounds familiar to some of you =) And yet at times I have no idea what to use, feels like what I want to wear isn't in my stash then, bleh!