Tuesday, November 20, 2012

OPI Euro Centrale & Mariah Carey - Preview

Hi guys! I received the press releases from these 2 collections from the Dutch PR company. Usually I get the English ones first and I show those, but this time I'll make an exception and show the Dutch ones instead :)

There are a few polishes from both collections that I'd love to get my hands on, but I'm not so sure about textured nails yet. I think it might look great if it's more matte than fuzzy, if that makes sense! What do you think of these?

On a sidenote, life's a bit crazy atm, that's why my frontpage is filled with previews instead of nails. I'm sorry for that, and I hope to be back soon with my own polish pics! ♥


  1. I can't wait for these collections to come out!

  2. In Germany, the OPI with 16 € are even more expensive.
    I buy them from a reliable U.S. Ebayer with cheap shipping costs.

  3. I second this... OPI is an expensive brand in France too. I don't buy it locally either ;-)
    But the Liquid Sand polishes make me curious! :-*

  4. That purple glitter from the Euro collection looks gorgeous!!

  5. I still don't understand why OPI are do freaking expensive in Holland, but I sure will buy some of these on-line ;)

  6. I'm curious about the Liquid Sand ones. They sound like the China Glaze Texture polishes only with glitter in it.


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