Stamping and a cat house

Hey everyone :) Today I did some stamping again, which was a while ago now! And I ended up with a plate that wasn't all that handy, the fine image somehow had a bit rough edges or some? So everytime I cleaned it, it got tiny bits of my cotton pad stuck in the image, quite annoying! I got impatient with all the cleaning in between and that didn't help of course, so the stamping isn't as crisp as I'd like. But with an image like this it doesn't show so well anyway and I'm liking the result :) And I'm loving OPI's MVFK more and more, it goes so well with so many colors!

OPI My Very First Knockwurst with China Glaze Joy and BM plate 316.

The above photos were made with my new lamp, not in a lightbox but just with the lamp standing a bit higher on my desk. So far I'm very happy with it! I just need to remember to not look at it when it's on, that thing is BRIGHT, lol! It's a lamp from Megaman, Energy Saving Helix in the color 4000k cool white, 1550 lumen. So if you're looking for a lamp, those numbers might help. Although the color depends a bit on the brand I think, but you'll want 4000k and up, below that is too warm (yellow) as far is I know.

If you follow me on Instagram you might've already seen this, but I wanted to share it here as well. My boyfriend got an early Christmas pressie for my cats, so sweet of him! ♥ I was looking for something to put in the garden for my cats, because especially Dewey loves being in the garden, even when it rains. He often sits below a plant or a chair then, but especially his paws and butt still get wet then, and now he has a little house for those days. (My cats spoiled? You don't say =D) There's a part of me that thinks I'm nuts for loving this thing as much as I do, lol. But isn't it adorable? *squeee!*

There's some candy in the bottom area on the photo and I bound the door like that so they'll understand there's a door there (yeah, at times they're not too clever!). The little thermal blanket will go in the house later on when I put it outside.

Dewdew approves, it's handy to look outside from it as well :P I bound the door up with some garbage bag closing strips, and Dew loves those things. I don't think it'll take long before he'll get it loose!

/Crazy cat lady over and out. The photos were taken with my phone, in case you wonder :)

Thanks for stopping by!