Thursday, August 30, 2012

Fishnets & hearts

Heya! :) The other day one of the producers of the DRK plates was so kind to leave a comment on an older post here, where I said the images smudged a bit and that I wasn't sure what caused that. She explained that the images on their plates are a bit deeper than most other plates, so the polish is still very wet when it's on the stamp. I always rush with stamping, and of course it easily smudges when the polish is still really wet, so that made perfect sense! She said that you don't need to hurry with their plates, but of course I did hurry to try that out ^^
So I picked an image with very fine lines and a metallic stamping polish, both of those usually dry very fast, and I stamped more relaxed than I'd normally do with a combo like that. And what do you know, it worked perfect! So if you experienced smudging with their plates as well, you could actually try working a bit slower!

Catrice Karl Says Très Chic with China Glaze Emotion and an image from DRK-A.

I think this turned out so simple and cute! ♥ But I had a busy day today, and I couldn't make photos until later this afternoon, so that's why there's some tipwear already.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Do I need to say more? I think not!

China Glaze OMG

China Glaze OMG.

China Glaze OMG

China Glaze OMG

My bottle is half empty already, not because I wear it so often but because... I frankened with it. There, I said it. *hides* Back then I didn't really realize how rare this polish would become, and even though those frankens turned out nice, I obviously wish now that I didn't! :)
But luckily there's plenty pretty silver holos available nowadays, makes it a bit less bad, haha. And tbh, it's not like I'd wear a silver holo that often, they're absolutely gorgeous but I prefer colors that I like more without sun as well. Anyway, every time I look at the OMG's or Kaleidoscopes I get excited over their upcoming Hologlam collection!

And what about you, are you as excited about that collection as well even though there are quite a few holographic polishes available now? And what's your favorite color for a holo polish?

Thanks for looking!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Purple/grey marble

I seldom watermarble because it can get so messy, polish doesn't always work, you can end up with bubbles, easily damage your freshly marbled nails because of the weird positions you sometimes have to hold your fingers in, and ugh it's just so much hassle! But yesterday I got in the mood for it, and it actually went well this time! I used 2 polishes and both spread well, which was a good way to start already. Here's how it turned out :)

China Glaze Gothic Lolita Essence It's A Snow-Woman's World

China Glaze Gothic Lolita with Essence It's A Snow-Woman's World.

China Glaze Gothic Lolita Essence It's A Snow-Woman's World

I guess it'll go easier and faster if I marble more often, so perhaps I should do that as well *adds to the have-to-do-mani-list*. Do you often watermarble?

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Teal & glitters

Heyhey! Here's a mani from the vault, made with 2 new polishes from Essence and Catrice. I couldn't really polish the glitters, instead I dabbed them on more. That was exactly what I expected from a glitter like this, but I hoped it would prove me wrong. Ah well, it gave a fun result so I don't mind putting a bit more time in the application then :) The base color is a gorgeous teal (it shows a bit too blue here) with blue shimmer, and that one did apply nice and easy, and had great coverage as well!

Catrice No Snow Petrol Essence Mrs And Mr Glitter

Catrice No Snow Petrol with Essence Mrs And Mr Glitter.

Catrice No Snow Petrol Essence Mrs And Mr Glitter

I'm gonna have a look at that Gelous stuff sometime, because with a glitter like this one, it wouldn't hurt to have something like that to even the surface!

Catrice No Snow Petrol Essence Mrs And Mr Glitter

On a sidenote, because I got such nice reactions to my kitten posts, I decided to translate what I posted about them on a Dutch forum and post it all on a new blog. In the coming days I'll be busy with catching up with translating and posting there, so if you enjoyed reading about them, I hope you'll like this idea as well :) When I foster again (that won't be in the coming month or 2, maybe after that if it's still needed and else next year) I'll start posting the stories there straight away!

Thanks for stopping by and take care!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Oh My Glitter! with Fantasy Fire

Yes yes, shame on me for not showing Fantasy Fire before, but here it finally is! Because of the basecolor and only 1 coat of FF the unicorn pee effect wasn't that obvious, I think it got a bit shy from all the pink/purple/blue shimmer in the basecolor. Next time I'd layer it on a different color, probably a dark blue or purple creme, see if the green shows up more then. But either way, these 2 made a gorgeous combo!

Essence Oh My Glitter! with 1 coat of Max Factor Fantasy Fire.

Look at all that beautiful, rich shimmer, so so pretty! FF is one of those polishes that I wish came in huge bottles, I'd consider using it in my house as well. I mean, imagine a wall of this stuff, woah! Although that might be a bit over the top, lol, maybe some accents would be better =)

And here's Oh My Glitter! alone, 3 thin coats but 2 thicker works as well. It's one of the new Essence polishes and I really think they did a good job with most of these new polishes in their Colour&Go range!

And in case you wonder, that corner of my indexfinger nail was a bit wobbly and I slacked with doing a repair, this is the result >.<

Have a lovely weekend :)

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Sparkly saran clouds

I was wearing OPI What's With The Cattitude? today, and even though it's a lovely blue creme on itself, I couldn't just leave it alone! I decided to use saran wrap (plastic wrap, cling film, ...) and different shades of blue and a white to sponge my nail with. Then added a sparkly top coat, and I'm so loving the result! ♥ There's a bit more contrast between the various shades of blue irl, but it's still a soft and calm mani. When I finished sponging one hand that lovely blue creme on the other hand looked pretty boring all of a sudden! :)

OPI What's With The Cattitude? saran sponged with China Glaze Snow, China Glaze Electric Beat, and a blue nameless polish from H&M. Finished with Essence glitter top coat.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

How To: Nail photos

A while ago someone asked me to do a How To: on making nail photos, but I don't change the settings of my camera much at all. So this How To: isn't about what settings to use on your camera, or how to get the most color accurate pictures with your camera. Instead it's about the things I've learned while making pics! Some of the pictures I use in this post are done over the top, but it's just to show clearly what I mean (and I had fun with making them ^^). I'm not using a lightbox because I haven't found the ideal lamp for me yet. So here's how I do it :)

Find your spot
Try making pics at several places in your house, see what spot gives the best lighting. Have a look at what direction you're sitting when you're taking the pics as well, this can make a big difference! I make my photos in my livingroom, and I'm sitting next to a window. Here's how my photos would look if I turn to the other sides.

Straight forward

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Essence Swatch-a-thon #3

Today I have 3 more Essence polishes to show you, so let's have a look!

Again, my swatches are without top coat. I used 3 coats of the first 2 polishes and 1 coat of the topper.

I'm The Boss!
Essence I'm The Boss!
Essence I'm The Boss!

Essence I'm The Boss!
Essence I'm The Boss!

Grey-t To Be Here
Essence Grey-t To Be Here
Essence Grey-t To Be Here

Essence Grey-t To Be Here
Essence Grey-t To Be Here

Grey-t To Be Here with Holo Topping, Please!
Essence Grey-t To Be Here Holo Topping, Please!
Essence Grey-t To Be Here with Holo Topping, Please!

Essence Grey-t To Be Here Holo Topping, Please!
Essence Grey-t To Be Here with Holo Topping, Please!

ITB! dried up darker than in the bottle, and if you look closely, you'll see that there's tiny blue bits in there as well. I like it! And could've probably gotten away with 2 coats of this one too.
GTBH has a gorgeous red/orange/pink shimmer, but on itself it doesn't look so nice with my skintone, it easily gives me lobsterhands. This one did need the 3rd coat to even things out, it was a bit thinner as well.
HTP! isn't a linear holo topper unfortunately, oh how I wish it was! Instead it's holographic microglitter in a tinted base. Still pretty, but that can't beat a linear holo if you ask me. Because of the tinted base you have to be a little bit careful with the application to get it on even.

I also bought the Glowing In The Dark topper, and I was looking forward to making pictures with it, but as you maybe read... it's not a glow in the dark polish at all! If you read the small letters on the back, you'll see that it's actually a glow under black light polish. Big disappointment! I'm not even gonna bother showing you this clear topper (in fact, my sister could make someone happy with it so I don't even have it anymore), but then you know, in case you wanted to buy it as well.

What do you think of these grey polishes and the holo topper?

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Essence Swatch-a-thon #2

Hey all! The new Essence polishes that I'm showing today are 3 polishes that are very similar in finish, they're all shimmery, sparkly and with some tiny bits of flakies. But they are different, if you look up close you'll see some differences in the color and the amount of shimmer. I do wish that those flakie bits would show up better though, but either way, these too are original colors.

I used 3 coats of each and as usual, no top coat for my swatches. And I was curious how they'd look matte, so I tried that out as well.

Boho Chic
Essence Boho Chic
Essence Boho Chic

Essence Boho Chic
Essence Boho Chic

Essence Boho Chic Soft Touch
Essence Boho Chic with Essence Soft Touch
My photos show it a bit too orange, it's more peachy.

Cookie Love
Essence Cookie Love
Essence Cookie Love

Essence Cookie Love
Essence Cookie Love

Essence Cookie Love Soft Touch
Essence Cookie Love with Essence Soft Touch

Gorgeous Bling Bling
Essence Gorgeous Bling Bling
Essence Gorgeous Bling Bling

Essence Gorgeous Bling Bling
Essence Gorgeous Bling Bling

Essence Gorgeous Bling Bling Soft Touch
Essence Gorgeous Bling Bling with Essence Soft Touch

The application of GBB was fine and could've probably gotten away with 2 coats as well. But the other 2 polishes were thinner, slightly runny even, and they really needed those 3 coats.
I thought Boho Chic would be a tad too orange for my liking, and unfortunately, it indeed is. But I still think it's quite a nice polish, and who knows, I used to dislike green/blue on my nails as well =)
Cookie Love I wasn't sure about, but I think it doesn't match well with my skintone at all! So if you're as pale as I am, but are doubting because of all the pretty shiny shimmer as well, just leave it I'd say.
Gorgeous Bling Bling is a color that I thought I'd find too old red, too brown, if that makes sense, but noes! I actually really liked this one and it's my favorite of these 3.

What do you think of these?

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Essence Swatch-a-thon #1

I've started swatching all the new Essence polishes that I bought yesterday, and I'll split them up into several posts, so here's the first! What I like about the new bottles is that they still have a colored cap, that the cap has a click system so you know when it's properly closed, and that the cap is easier to hold when polishing. That the bottles are also easier to hold when making pictures is a bonus. The new brush is ok, I'm not crazy about it but it's not bad. I'm not too fond of the long bottleneck though, wonder how that combined with the shape of the whole bottle will work out when there's isn't so much polish left in the bottle.

I used 3 thin coats for all these swatches, but if you apply your polish thicker, I think you can get away with 2 as well. All swatches are without top coat.

I Love Bad Boys
Essence I Love Bad Boys
Essence I Love bad Boys

Essence I Love Bad Boys
Essence I Love Bad Boys

Stuck On You
Essence Stuck On You
Essence Stuck On You

Essence Stuck On You
Essence Stuck On You

I'm Bluetiful
Essence I'm Bluetiful
Essence I'm Bluetiful

Essence I'm Bluetiful
Essence I'm Bluetiful

Walk On The Wild Side
Essence Walk On The Wild Side
Essence Walk On The Wild Side

Essence Walk On The Wild Side
Essence Walk On The Wild Side

I really like all the shimmers in these, did you see that even I'm Bluetiful has a very subtle blue shimmer? I'm sure I'll enjoy these during Fall and Winter! Have you tried any of the new polishes already?

Friday, August 17, 2012

Some quick Essence Colour and Change skittle swatches

Hey everyone! My local store had the new Essence displays today, so there's a whole load of unswatched polishes standing in front of me right now ^^ But there were a few that I wanted to swatch straight away, and those are the Colour and Change polishes. These polishes change color if you use a special Change Designer, but I didn't buy that and just used my normal top coat (Seche Vite) to add the diagonal parts. As you can see, that works as well!
Now there's a reason why I'm excited about these polishes... dun dun duuuun! ...They're 1-coaters! And that means I'm gonna have fun stamping with them =D

Essence Sweet Surprise Unexpected Galaxy Kind Of Magic Wonderlicious Green

From index to pinkie: Sweet Surprise, Unexpected Galaxy, Kind Of Magic, Wonderlicious Green (and yes, it's indeed blue, heh).

Essence Sweet Surprise Unexpected Galaxy Kind Of Magic Wonderlicious Green

If you stamp with these you could choose what color you want your stamping to be by using top coat or not. Or you could also use top coat for some details or change half the image in a different color!

In case you missed my earlier post today, I'm holding a giveaway! Have a look here to enter.

Thanks for stopping by :)

How about...a giveaway!

Yep, it's time for a giveaway =) I usually don't do a giveaway for getting a certain amount of followers, but I recently got over 2k followers with GFC and for such an insane number I'll gladly make an exception :) And I collected some polishes recently, so time to celebrate and share them! Thank you all for your support! ♥

Here's what the winner will receive:

Catrice Million Styles: Million Dollar Baby, ¿Holo Qué Tal?!, Shake It! Flake It!, Have An Ice Day, Miss Money Penny, Return Of Space Cowboys

Essence Fast Cuticle Remover, Essence Peel Off Base Coat, Essence Mrs And Mr Glitter, Essence Glowing In The Dark (edit, just found out it's actually not a glow in the dark topper but glow under black light, meh), Catrice Steel My Heart, Catrice Steel My Soul
*** This giveaway is closed ***

Here's some extra information:
- The giveaway is open internationally.
- All bottles are brand new.
- There will be one winner.
- The winner will be contacted within 24 hours after the giveaway closes, and then has 48 hours to reply.
- You can only enter by using the Rafflecopter widget below, entries in comments do not count.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Essence Peel Off Base Coat - Review

Yesterday I bought the Essence Peel Off Base Coat from their Ready For Boarding LE (which I'll call POBC from now on). This base coat is also in their new core line, and if you're lucky, you already have the new displays in your store including this base coat. I've read some positive and negative reviews about this, so I wanted to test it myself and show you how it works!

According to the press release, this POBC is handy for when you're in a rush, you won't need remover but can just peel it off. Then reapply the POBC and polish again.
But ehm, I still need remover, I always do a cleanup! And having to wait for 10 minutes before I can start with polishing doesn't sound ideal for when I'm in a rush either, if I slap on a 1-coater and do a cleanup I'm done within that time.

So no, for those reasons I wouldn't use it. But when I heard about this POBC I thought of glitter polish, as many of you did as well. Imagine this would work! I have no problems with having to apply a base coat first and waiting for a bit before applying glitters. The removal of the glitters should be faster like this and hopefully nicer to your nails than using the foil method. So today I'm testing the POBC with 3 different glitter polishes and a flakie, because I can't say I like their removal either (fish scaled fingers, lovely!).

Here are the instructions that are on the bottle:
Step 1 Apply a generous layer of the peel off base coat to your nails. Allow approximately 10 minutes to dry until the white base coat becomes transparent.
Step 2 Paint your favourite colour nail polish and/or effect nail polish over it and let it dry.
Step 3 Simply peel off to remove! Does not harm to your nails.
Advice: Avoid hot water for 3 hours after application.

The POBC is a white polish, and it reminds me of the craft glue I used as a kid! The white goes transparent as well, it's a bit goopy too, and even the smell reminds me of that glue! But I'll just assume this isn't glue mixed with a base coat, haha.

Here's what my nails looked a few minutes after applying the POBC. After the application all nails look white, and you can clearly see where I applied it a bit thicker, those areas are still more white here. The areas that are becoming transparent have dried more. After the 10 minutes all my nails have a glossy, transparent coat.
Essence Peel Off Base Coat

Tip: if you get the POBC on or near your cuticles, do a cleanup straight away. When you wait and do it afterwards, it gets all rubbery (like the glue again, haha) and a bit harder to remove without peeling off the POBC and polish from your nails as well.

I applied the polishes and used 1 layer of top coat on all nails, because that's what I'd usually do as well. From index to pinkie: Color Club Candy Cane, Nfu.Oh 51, Essence Time For Romance, Nubar Hyacinth Sparkle. The little bit of tip wear on my indexfinger was caused by me using my nails, not by the base coat.
Essence Peel Off Base Coat

I've left the polish on for a few hours, to make sure it was fully hardened. Then I started to peel...
Essence Peel Off Base Coat

Essence Peel Off Base Coat

And here's what came off, eek! :)
Essence Peel Off Base Coat

And the result on my nails. Please note the little bits and pieces on my nails are NOT my nails that peeled as well, but tiny bits of rubbery base coat that remained after the peeling!

After this I used some remover to easily wipe off the last bits, and my nails looked smooth like they did before! I just didn't feel the need to add another naked-stained-nails-photo =)

So all in all, I think this works like a charm! Although I'm not sure how long the polish will last, I didn't want to wear the same glitters for several days to test that. What I really liked was the oh so easy removal of the glitters, and the peeling itself (I actually had to resist the urge to start peeling as soon as the polishes were dry, lol). I wouldn't wear this POBC under a normal polish, because it felt like the whole mani gets a tiny bit thicker, and I think it's just too much hassle. But for glitters? Awesome! I do think I'll be wearing glitters more often now ^^

Update: Turns out it's pretty much glue with some preservatives. So I wasn't that far off when I said it reminded me of glue, lol! Several people tried it and you can use pva glue as well, just pour it into an empty bottle and you're good to go!