Blogger Inspired Mani: The Polished Perfectionist

There are thousands of nail blogs, Instagram accounts, Facebookers, you name it. And then there's AmyGrace... yep, this girl is on a league of her own if you ask me! She doesn't only have stunning nails, manicures ánd matching photos, she seems to master it all. Freehand, stamping, gradients, all flawless and fab. And if that's not enough, she makes these amazing cakes with matching nails as well! I'm sure you would've known who I'm on about even if I didn't mention her name, and if there's anyone I have a nailcrush on, it's The Polished Perfectionist! ♥

Right, now there's plenty posts on her blog that make me think "ohh gotta try that!" but one of the things that jumps out for me, is the sponged glitter tips she does so well (and lets be honest, that's also because it's doable, if I attempt to freehand the way she does it looks like a toddler had fun with polish). When I saw her sponge the base of her nails, I knew I had to try that sometime too! So that's what I did today :) And here's a tip, don't be stubborn like I was and think, nevermind taping off my fingers I'll just do a cleanup afterwards. Ohh man, glitters e-ve-ry-where! That cleanup was so horrible, I almost took it all off to start again and then with taped fingers, haha.

Essence Found My Love sponged with Color Club Jingle Jangle.

And here's a daylight photo, the lamp made the basecolor look a bit too blue.

Anyway, time to go type! Earlier I bought some polish sticks, you know the clear nails on a stick? I'm currently using nail wheels for my stash, but I wanted those sticks for quite some time. They can be switched around easily, and I can't wait to have fun with them! What's less fun though, if that I want the name of each polish printed on a label and taped to the stick. That means I gotta pull out each precious bottle from my Helmer and type the name... Ouch!

Enjoy your Sunday and thanks for stopping by :)