BornPrettyStore hexagon glitters & tutorial - Review

Hey everyone! Today I have another review for you, from the hexagonal glitters from BornPrettyStore (which are commonly known as glequins). These glequins were on my "must try" list for quite some time, so I was happy BPS gave me the chance to try them out!

Here's how I recieved them, wrapped in plastic per 6 pots. There was some loose glitter in the plastic, which made me worried that some pots maybe weren't fully closed, but that wasn't the case! They were all closed well and those glitters must've escaped during the fabrication and got stuck in the plastic (and I quickly found out they easily stick to your hands as well, haha).

I've placed these pots onto a standard size cotton pad, to give you an idea of their size. As you can see the pots are pretty small, but they're also jam-packed with glitters!

Look at all those darker areas in the pot, they're loads of glitter piled up. I don't think I'll ever get through one of these =D

I never used anything like this before, so I went for different ways and colors to try them out. What I did notice after sealing them in with top coat is that they didn't bleed (lose their color, which you then drag along with the top coat) at all!

Glequins used: Dark blue, dark green, bright blue, silver. Polishes used: W.I.C. by Herôme Örebro, Malmö, Gothenburg, Stockholm. (I'll post a review of the whole Sweden collectie soon!)

Here you can see better how flat your nail surface becomes after using top coat on them, no obvious bits sticking out (anyone else find themselves easily picking off things like rhinestones? >.<)

I was a bit scared I'd end up with glitter everywhere but my nails and misplaced glitters on my nails before I tried these, but they went on so much easier than expected! So I decided to do a little tutorial as well, if you have doubts about trying these, I hope this helps :)

1 Start with your basecolor and wait for it to dry. Use a toothpick or something pointy alike (I used a rosewood stick). Apply a thin coat of top coat, I'd advice one that's not too quick drying, and also place a drop of your top coat on the side (I used my placemat for that).

2 Open your pot of glitters, there should be enough sticking to the cap but if not, hold it upside down first before opening it. Put the pot in a safer spot, so you don't accidentally knock it over (yeah, I can totally see myself or a cat doing that!)

3 Dip your toothpick lightly in the top coat, then pick up a glitter from the cap and place it on your nail. I noticed you can slightly move it around if you're careful, because it's so thin it won't damage your basecolor too quickly. Keep going until your toothpick isn't sticky anymore, then dip it again.

4 I kept a cotton pad nearby, if I picked up too much glitter that got stuck together I could wipe them off on it. But if you use a pad as well, make sure you don't get bits of your pad stuck on your toothpick.

5 After you're done, there might be some loose glitter on your work area and fingers, I noticed they can be quite persistent! But with a cotton pad with remover you can wipe them away easily.

6 Add another layer of top coat when you're done, and there you have it! I used 2 colors blue to make flower-like things and added some random glitters as well. I've noticed that glequins don't photograph so well, but it looks really nice! :)

I can totally see myself using these a lot, they're flat, which is a big plus for me, easy to use, and I think they make a great addition to your mani. I'm thinking of using them as extra line over a taped mani, or as details on a stamped image, or just the way I showed above!

You can buy these glitters from BornPrettyStore, the ones that I have are these, which cost $6,45 for 12 pots (free shipping worldwide). With coupon code ABJ61 you'll get another 10% off :)

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