BornPrettyStore stamping plate & brush - Review

I wondered a few of times about the bigger stamping plates from BornPrettyStore, I have some of their regular ones (the Konad lookalikes) and they work fine. But with the bigger plates I worried that the images would be pretty small, you know I love full nail images! Now BPS send me one of them for review, and as you maybe already saw on my Instagram, it arrived yesterday. Today I tried it out, so let's have a look!

The plate that I chose is plate CK-03 and arrived in plastic, with a blue protective foil (which was easily removed) on the front. The back has a protecting cover as well, and the plate isn't sharp on the sides at all.

But as you probably saw already, these images are indeed very small! My nails are about as short as can get now, and well, these images simply won't fit. Maybe if I pick one of the biggest ones (with a half moon cut out) and line it up carefully, I can manage to somewhat cover my nails with them.

But if I line the images up like I always do, making sure they hit the sides of my nails as well, here's what happens... I used one of the biggest images on my index- and middlefinger, and especially my middlefinger shows well what happens when I line them up on the side. On my ringfinger and pinkie I used one of the smallest images, it did fit on my pinkie but it clearly doesn't on any other nail.

 Polishes used: CND Muddy Rose & China Glaze Admire

I think it's a shame that they're so small, and the images aren't ideal for doublestamping either. I do like the images though, if they were bigger I'm sure I would've loved this plate. It has a little bit of everything in designs, and the plate itself works fine as well. I didn't have those very fine, lace-like images yet, which I would've loved to try as well, but unfortunately that just won't fit. But if you have small nails, polish people or kids with small nails, or enjoy stamping on your toenails, this plate could be nice for you.

I also added them to my size comparison:

Please note: the up-to-date comparison can always be found at my Stamping Plate Sizes page.

BornPrettyStore also send me this brush, which I wanted to try for my cleanup. It's a slanted brush, and I used it for the cleanup of this mani, it does the trick just fine! It's not too small or too big, and I like that the brush hairs aren't too long either, that gives more control of the brush for me.

When you're ordering at BornPrettyStore, you can use coupon code ABJ61 for 10% off!

Have a nice day & take care :)

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