Monday, March 4, 2013

Catrice Candy Shock & Essence Floral Grunge - Preview

Both Catrice and Essence will bring out a new LE in April/May, and here are the products in those LE's. I added all the products, not just the polish, please let me know if you prefer that! :)

Catrice Candy Shock

image clickable for an enlargement

Soft Nail Lacquer I Scream: Ice Cream!, Play It Blue, Bring Me Peach and Vanilla Love, € 2,69
Nail Sugar Pearls Cotton Candy and Sugar Shock, € 2,99
Soft Baked Eye Shadow I Scream: Ice Cream!, Play It Blue, Bring Me Peach and It’s Honey Money, € 3,89
Lip Balm Stick Bring Me Peach and Sugar Shock, €3,99
Lip Peeling (seems to be a sugarscrub on a stick), €2,99
Multi Colour Blush Sugar Shock, €4,59
Multi Colour Highlighter Vanilla Love, €4,99

Essence Floral Grunge

image clickable for an enlargement

nail polish be flowerful, lily bloom, grunge me tender!, madly purpled and black to the roots, € 1,89
quattro eyeshadow eye like flowers and eye like grunge, € 2,99
stick-on eyeliner €1,99
mini lipgloss set kissing me softly and grungy kisses rock!, € 2,59
blush €2,59
body tattoo €1,99
hair dye powder €2,99
hair-band €2,49

What do you think? I like that they both bring out stuff that a lot of drugstore brands don't have, like the caviar beads and the hair dye powder. But I don't see really original polish colors, which is what I'm looking for! Oh, and the name I Scream: Ice Cream! made me think of a quest in WoW straight away, those orphans love ice cream as much as I do =)


  1. LOL I can`t believe you mentioned Wow hahaha,being a huge polish and wow addict - I never rly ran into another one XD
    I don`t have access to Catrice cosmetics,but got Essie. Bought the white one (Lilly bloom) when it first came out,and I loved the colour,but application was terrible. Took me minimum 4 coats to get the opacity I wanted.And surprisingly,it looked matte.Then I bought the rest today,they were on a sale :D Just 1euro each! :))) And they are also matte!!!Except the peachy one (Be flowerfull).Love em. White and dark are my faves :).

  2. Hey Sonia! For €1 I would've taken em home as well, especially if they're matte! Gotta keep an eye on my store then for a sale, heh :P I'm not playing WoW anymore though, right now I'm busy playing Diablo 3 again and recently did a little FFXIV ARR as well, will defi play that more too! (but who knows, I might be back, lol, and then I'll say that D3 was merely a setback, harhar) But WoW will always have a special place for me, played so long, had so many good times, and where do you think the name of this blog comes from? :D

  3. I wish they have these products where I am at. :/ They look amazing

  4. Love those Essence polishes, they need to be sold in the UK :(

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