Miss Universe with Fig Tree Jewelry

Morning! Today's post is a bit different than usual, it's still about polish, but in jewelry made by one of my readers! Cassandra started making polish jewelry for herself after she read my post about it, then she started to make things for her friends as well, and now she has her own Etsy shop. For me as a blogger, that is SO awesome to read! I'm really happy that something I wrote about, inspired another person ♥ And I'm sure Cassie's friends are happy with that as well, cause she makes gorgeous things! =) When she asked me if I wanted to review some of her jewelry, I of course said yes :)

Cassie send me a pair of earrings and a matching necklace, both on a card in the brown package and the necklace itself was wrapped up in blue paper. The package shows a lot of attention to detail, little things like that are always nice to see!
The earrings have heartshaped closing-thingies (clueless on the English word for those), cute! I slapped on some matching polish, and unleashed my inner Marta to start posing with the jewelry.

The picture above is a bit too blue, and Essence Miss Universe is a beautiful color but it still proves to be uncapturable for me! One day I'll manage I hope! Anyway, the necklace is very sparkly, with purple, teal and a hint of red jumping out. And as you can see on the photo below, there's some holographic glitter hiding in the background as well.

The stud earrings match perfect to the necklace as you can see! I'm sorry for another photo that's too blue, not sure how to correct that, my attempts didn't exactly improve it. And it does feel a bit odd to see my thumb so much now, haha!

I think nail polish jewelry is a great invention, I only made small rings so far which I enjoyed a lot, but as Cassie shows, there are so many possibilities with it! And if you aren't so creative yourself, or are looking for a nice gift, she offers a nice amount of different looks :)

You can buy Cassie's jewelry in her Etsy store, and you can find her on Facebook as well.

Thanks for looking!

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