Stash on sticks part I

Hi guys! I'm almost done now with swatching everything, all that's left is my stamping polish and the polish that arrived after I printed out all the names. So those will come when I have a bunch, then I'll add them to the sticks. I made some quick pics of my sorted sticks, they're not sorted perfectly (seriously, there's too much polish that changes color depending on the light!) but it'll do for now. And I'm happy with the result so far! :)

Here's how the finished fans look. I didn't use the screws that came with them, because I have 2 slightly different kinds of sticks and it just didn't fit as I'd like. I had a look at metal ring binders, found the ones I want, but they were too thick. So the search continues, and in the meantime, I went for cable ties. I used 2 through each set of sticks and closed them at the ends, this way I could make each fan as big as I'd like. And they're not as annoying to remove either, in case I want to add colors, I can just cut 1 loose and pull it out, put in a new one with the new sticks in between, then pull the rest of the first one out and apply the 2nd and close the 2 new ties. Am I still making sense? :P It's not perfect, but it'll do for now!

Anyway, here's the first bunch of stash pics. I'm sorry for the quality of some pics, I was in a rush and didn't check the pics before adding the sticks to their fan. Especially the darker polish looks a bit too dark here and there!

I got some questions to my previous post about stash organizing, I'll get to those but I'm a bit busy atm :) Hope you enjoyed this quick look at my polish, take care!