Design Glassware by Mont Blue

Hey all! Mont Blue kindly send me some of their products, so today I'm not showing nails, but nail related products instead. Here are the products I received:

Now as you might know, clipping your nails isn't a good idea, your nails are made out of layers (which you can clearly see when they chip) and clipping them puts pressure on these layers. So filing is already nicer for your nails, but personally, I don't touch my nails with anything but glass files, because these are much more gentle for your nails than other files. And ever since I use glass files only, my nails have improved a lot!

One of the things I hear at times (and have experienced myself as well), is that a glass file loses it's grittiness fast. But if you have a good quality file, that won't happen at all! So I think it's a good idea to invest in a good quality file. They will last you for years, you can just rinse them off after using or even disinfect them if you want. I have 2 that I've been using for a few years now, but one of the first things I noticed with these Mont Blue files, is that they're finer than the ones I used so far. That doesn't mean you can't take off length fast, because you still can, but I think it's even nicer for your nails with a fine grit and it gives a smoother result. I will do a How To on my nail care routine sometime, and will tell more about my filing as well then, but for now, let's have a closer look at the ones I got :)

First up is this file (MC-M09 which costs €10,-) from their Crystal line. The file is 13,5cm long and the top has Swarovski crystals on it, and the file comes in a soft, velvety protective cover. You can use the file on both sides and you can clearly see where the file part ends.

The next file is one of their mini glass nail files (W-S02 which is €8,-). This file is 9cm long and also comes in a soft, velvet case. The back doesn't have Swarovski crystals, but it looks nice on that side as well, there's no glue visible or anything like that. This file is useable on both sides as well. It's a great size to keep in your bag, to fix your nails while travelling. The case isn't hard, but because it's so small (adorable even, haha), I don't think there's much risk of breaking it while in your bag :)

This hard case nail file costs €9,- and it's perfect for travelling as well. It's 12,5cm long, useable on both sides and the hard case will protect it from breaking, while still giving you a nice size file and a good grip.

Lastly, this slanted tweezers (CT-01.1 which costs €12,-) has a soft feel to the black, and has Swarovski crystals on both sides. The matte black combined with the crystals really makes it looks luxury! I will be using this for my eyebrows, but tweezers are also handy for nailart, to help pick up fine things.

I haven't used the files much yet, but so far I really like the quality of them, these will be the files I'll be using from now on! And I'm also impressed by the huge amount of colors and styles they offer! As you maybe noticed, I didn't link to the actual product that I received but to the whole category where it was from, because they have so many colors and options on them. For example, if you don't like crystals, they have gorgeous gradient files or files with an animal prints as well. Or maybe you prefer a file with studs? :)

Thanks for looking and have a great weekend!

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