PUEEN 2013 plate set *pic heavy*

Hey guys! You know I love stamping so needless to say, I got very excited when I received the PUEEN 2013 plates! Of course I photographed them all and tried them out, and here they are =)

This set of 25 plates comes with each plate in a seperate packing and a protective blue film on top. The back has a protective cover as well, and the sides of the plates aren't sharp at all. The blue plastic at the front comes off easily, and here's what's below it!

Are these awesome or what! I'm especially loving all the geometric and floral designs, and I didn't have a fine laced image yet (plate 02), so yay for that one! And I don't often wear hearts on my nails, but I am loving the ones on plate 16, they're so cute ^^ I also like that it's a set with just full nail images and some smaller images to fill up the plates (150 images in total), I have a whole bunch of French image plates that I never use, so I'm glad this set doesn't have any of those!

The images are all curved at the top, which means you can stamp them with a free half moon as well. But if you prefer not to, they're large enough to still cover your nails (assuming the average imagesize fits on your nails). Of course I added them to the image below as well, as you can see they're average sized images, and that happens to be the size that I prefer to work with the most as well :)

Please note: the up-to-date comparison can always be found at my Stamping Plate Sizes page.

Picking just 1 image for my first try wasn't easy, haha. But I managed, and went for another gradient stamping. Unfortunately this one turned out way too subtle, I used 4 colors which were too close together, so it's not so obvious that it goes from green to blue. But the plate worked like a charm, and these kind of images are great for a gradient I think, so I'll give that another go sometime with one of these plates!

Catrice Pebble Beach with Kiko 623 Blue, 624 Sky Blue, 625 Emerald , 626 Lawn Green and PUEEN plate 07.

If you're not sure how stamping works, have a look here! You can buy the PUEEN 2013 set for $18.99 on Amazon. What do you think of them? :)

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