Not In This Galaxy

Howdy! Here's the last of the 3 Hologlams in my collection reswatched, this time with proper sun. I still think it's the weakest holo of those 3, but especially after seeing the photos again without having the other 2 fresh in mind from swatching, I have to say that it's a lovely holo polish nevertheless! ♥ You can see my previous swatches here, where I also did a little comparison with TTYL and Don't Be A Square.
Anyway, here it is again! China Glaze Not In This Galaxy, 2 coats, no base/top coat. I'd wear it with an aqua base, which will probably bring out the holo a bit more, but not everyone has one of those, so my swatches are without it as well. Isn't it cute? :)

China Glaze Not In This Galaxy

China Glaze Not In This Galaxy

China Glaze Not In This Galaxy

Thanks for looking and take care!

Cadillacquer swatches - part II

Hey guys! It's been a while since I showed you the first part, but here they finally are, the remaining Cadillacquer polishes! It seems my indoor swatches all turned out a bit too blue, so I hope you'll forgive me for the odd looking skin :P Seems I really need to get back into it a bit! :) All of the swatches are with 2 thick/3 thin coats of polish and 1 coat of top coat.

Live Free
Cadillacquer Live Free

Live Free has a light bubblegum pink base with light turquoise shimmer, small brown glitter, different sized turquoise glitter and turquoise dots.

One of my favorites, such a sweet, happy mix! This pale pink looks slightly more pink at times, and as often with Cadillacquer polishes, besides the obvious glitters it has a subtle shimmer in it as well.

Cadillacquer Live Free

Life's Too Short
Cadillacquer Life's Too Short

Life's Too Short has a grey base with a strong blue shimmer, very fine rainbow glitter and small periwinkle and blueberry glitter.

Here's another one with a pretty shimmer on the side, those added shimmers really make these polishes even more unique! Especially in sunlight the shimmer's eager to show itself :)

Cadillacquer Life's Too Short

Tell It To The Frogs
Cadillacquer Tell It To The Frogs

Tell It To The Frogs has a cayman green base with strong blue sparkle shimmer and different sized light pastel blue hex glitter.

Ahh, look at that! I'm loving the green basecolor already, but that blue shimmer really makes it pop. And it's pigmented enough to become opaque on the nails, yet clear enough to show the glitter in the underlying layers.

Cadillacquer Tell It To The Frogs

Bring On The Night
Cadillacquer Bring On The Night

Bring On The Night has a black jelly base with white, taupe and green fine flakies, small turquoise and square turquoise glitter.

I couldn't capture this so well in sunlight, but believe me, it's prrretty! I'm sure you know I don't wear black often, but I'll gladly make an exception for a polish like this one =)

Cadillacquer Bring On The Night

Bring On The Night with matte top coat
Cadillacquer Bring On The Night with matte top coat

And, just because I can, I mattified it! Look at that ♥ And it looked way better irl even! I'm kinda tempted now to try out all Cadillacquers again with a matte top coat, haha. Still got plenty to swatch, but who knows, you might see 'em again sometime like that ^^

Cadillacquer Bring On The Night with matte top coat

Yep, I think these polishes are all awesome! :) I often have favorites when I see a collection in bottles, but Madeleine's creations have already surprised me several times, when I saw them on my nails it became a lot harder to pick a favorite! Take Live Free for example, it looked nice in the bottle, but wasn't one of my favorites. But on the nail it looked so cute and fun, I'll be wearing it again real soon!

Have a look at Cadillacquer on Facebook, and you can buy the polishes on Etsy. Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend!

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Stripey stripey!

Hey all! I've been swatching some more polish today, but I'd rather sit outside right now than sort all those pics, so instead I'll show a mani that I did the other day! I'm sorry for the quality of these pics, I used metallic polish, and that + sunshine didn't go so well on photos, so I ended up going for the not-so-sharp normal light photos instead. For this mani I used 2 Kiko polishes from the Mirror collection, added striping tape and a coat of polish in the 2nd color. Then I used top coat to even things out a bit, but I wasn't loving the metallic finish for this, but matte top coat helped a lot with that :)

Kiko 629 Copper and Kiko 630 Golden Rose, striping tape and Essence Matt top coat.

With the heat wave we're having atm my cats are even more slacky than usual, although Sue still wants to go on my lap. Imagine a chubby little heater on your lap with 30+ degrees! *shoves Sue aside* Bindi's snoozing upstairs a lot, but Dewey, as always, still loves being outside. He found a new cool spot to relax, in between 2 lavenders, which is also an excellent place to jump out of and scare the hell out of unsuspecting birds! Poor birds, lol, I wonder how that'll go next year when more plants are big enough to hide under >.<

Thanks for looking & take care :)

Strap On Your Moonboots

Hi guys! Here's another Hologlam polish that I've shown before, but this time in full sunlight. My 2nd favorite of the 3 I have, another unique and oh so pretty holo! Again, 2 coats, no aqua base or top coat :) I'll let the pictures do the talking further, here's China Glaze Strap On Your Moonboots!

China Glaze Strap On Your Moonboots

China Glaze Strap On Your Moonboots

China Glaze Strap On Your Moonboots

China Glaze Strap On Your Moonboots

Thanks for stopping by :)

I'm sure you won't mind seeing some holo :)

I've swatched my polishes from the China Glaze Hologlam collection before, but with the crazy sun we're having now, I just had to swatch them again! So here's When Stars Collide again (you can check my previous swatches here). I used 2 coats for these swatches, no top coat. The Hologlams aren't so bright holo in the average light, but when the sun hit them, they sure do the trick just fine! And this is without aqua base even, which I would use for normal wear. Mmmm holo ♥

China Glaze When Stars Collide

China Glaze When Stars Collide

China Glaze When Stars Collide

Ahh, isn't it absolutely stunning?! It's hands down my favorite of the bunch, love it!

BornPrettyStore waterdecals (and how to apply them)

Good afternoon! Today I have a review of some BPS decals for you, and a little how to: as well. Let's see the result first :)

Here are the decals, they arrived in plastic and most of the sheets have the same decals in black and white.

And here's how you use them :)

1) When your basecolor is completely dry, cut the decals to the right size and have a little bowl of water and some paper towel ready.

2) Remove the plastic foil from a decal and put it in the water (go 1 at a time).

3) Make sure your fingers and nails are wet as well, and carefully try to slide the decal of the paper. When it's soaked long enough, it'll come right off. As long as your fingers and nails are wet, it won't stick to either of those and you can gently slide it in place on your nail with your fingers. Even when it gets a bit crumpled up as it did on the tip of my nail here, as long as everything is wet, you can unfold it again.

4) Be careful with your nails that already have a decal while you place the rest on, as long as your nails ain't fully dry, the decals might accidentally move a bit.

5) Gently use the paper towel to dab around the decals so it soaks up most water, and let the decals dry further, which doesn't take long at all.

6) As you can see, there's some bits of decal sticking out on my fingers. I prefer to use a polish remover pen (one with a hard tip, like on the photo) to remove that, soak it in remover and just place it on the bit of decal that's stuck on your finger. Hold it there for a moment and it'll come right off. Apply your top coat floating (don't let the brush hit your nail too much) else the decal might smudge a little, as it did on my pinky.

I used OPI Thanks a Windmillion as base here. I think these decals look nice and sharp, there's plenty of choice and with most of the images you get enough strips to easily cover all your nails and maybe have some spare for accent nails as well. The one that I used here however, wasn't enough for all my nails, if they would've been shorter the thicker strip would've been enough to cover 4 nails. So these would work best combined with the matching strips, or just as accents.

You can buy these waterdecals from BornPrettyStore, the ones that I have are these, which cost $4,73. With coupon code ABJ61 you'll get another 10% off :)

Thanks for looking, take care!

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Random Shimmer spam!

Hi guys! It's way too warm to sit behind the pc sorting pics and writing a long post, so I'm going to keep things fairly short and just show 1 pic of each polish before I go enjoy this weather some more :) Hope you don't mind that I'm doing a less extensive review here!

These Shimmer polishes all covered in 3 coats, I'm showing them here with top coat (just 1 layer, they might need a 2nd if you're wearing them instead of just swatching, like I did). And these are all excellent for gradients or layering as well!


Carmen is a copper glitter with lots of golden and holographic glitter as well, the latter doesn't really show up on my pics though.


Jennifer is a light blue glitter, with colors like copper, blue, gold, light purple and light green as well.


This was the first one I swatched after being afk for so long, and I can't say I really captured it all that well. You might see this again sometime! Trisha is a dark orange glitter, with copper, gold, blue and purple as well.


Julia is a blue glitter, with some pastel colors in it as well, and combined with the silver it has this icy look to it.


Lorene is a berry mix in a slightly tinted base, the colors most clear are various shades of blue, gold and copper. But as with most of these, it's quite complex!


Tammy is made of gold/black/purple glitter, it also has silver bars and some holographic glitters in it.


Irene is a champagne/gold/silver glitter, but again, that's not all there is to it! This very fine glitter has other colors as well, but I think that's holographic glitter and not colored glitter.


Liana looks like a blue/black glitter in a slightly tinted base at first, which is more blue or black depending on the angle, but there's silver glitter and holographic as well.

If there's one thing these glitters have in common, it's that they're all so unique! With each of these I could've written that it's unlike anything I own, that they're packed with glitters and apply easy as well. And some of these color combinations might sound a bit odd at first, but they all work out so well! If you like glitters, to wear crazy glitterbombs on your nails or just for a touch of sparkle, these really are great :)

You can buy Shimmer Polish on the website or on Etsy, and you can also find Shimmer on Facebook.

Thanks for looking and have a great weekend!

The product(s) in this post was/were send to me for review. For more information, please have a look at my Disclosure Policy.

Ok... right... how did this blogging thing work again?

Hi guys! Long time no see! :) Let me start with a huge THANK YOU for all the sweet comments and emails, that really overwhelmed me and I really appreciate all the support I've gotten after my last post!! I recently had a wedding of a nephew of mine and the mani I wore that day felt like a good mani to come back with as well, you guys showed so much ♥ and so does the mani, haha.

The New Black teal (from the Waves set) with Essence Caribbean Sea and BM plate 317.

For the wedding I wanted to wear a mani with subtle hearts and I wanted the color to match my shoes. Turns out that from all the teals in my stash, there wasn't a single polish that made a perfect match! Some were close though, but that sounds like a good excuse to buy more polish, no? =)
Anyway, the stamping turned out a bit too subtle, only visible in some light, I think the stamping polish wasn't only too close to the base color, but the image was finer than I expected as well.

So much for the nails part of this post :) It's going a lot better with me since my last post and I've been enjoying things like fixing the garden and decorating a room that wasn't done yet in my house, but I also had a little foster kitten called Noomi:

Naaaww, isn't she adorable? ^^ She's up for adoption now, and you can see more from her here. Right now she's back at the shelter though (the other blog isn't updated with that yet), I already decided that I didn't want any kittens around when Bindi's situation got worse, and unfortunately that did happen while Nomnom was here. Bindi's tumor has grown a lot in such a short period of time, and I discovered a new tumor as well, bleh :/ That really got to me again, and I just wanted to give her even more tlc, which is a bit hard if there's a kitten going nuts in your house! Right now Bindi's situation seems stable, but I know from last time that the tumors can grow like mad all of a sudden, and with the size they're at now, I'm happy with every month I get with her. Bindi is doing fine though! She doesn't seem to notice them at all, but I'm keeping a close eye on her of course to prevent any discomfort.

And to continue with my little update, as you know I've been afk for a while now, and during that time I also missed the 3 year anniversary of my blog! Even though I had some breaks here and there, I never expected my blog to last this long! I had a great time blogging those years and a large part of that is thanks to you all ♥
But during my break I barely wore any polish (I now know what my nails look like without stains, lol!), and to be honest, looking at my review drawer I just felt overwhelmed at times with what I still had to review. But I'm swatching while I'm writing this, so you can expect more posts soon! And for now I'll stick to just the blog, I'll ignore things like Instagram for a while, and just slowly get back into it a bit :)

Thanks for reading and again, thanks a lot you guys!