BornPrettyStore waterdecals (and how to apply them)

Good afternoon! Today I have a review of some BPS decals for you, and a little how to: as well. Let's see the result first :)

Here are the decals, they arrived in plastic and most of the sheets have the same decals in black and white.

And here's how you use them :)

1) When your basecolor is completely dry, cut the decals to the right size and have a little bowl of water and some paper towel ready.

2) Remove the plastic foil from a decal and put it in the water (go 1 at a time).

3) Make sure your fingers and nails are wet as well, and carefully try to slide the decal of the paper. When it's soaked long enough, it'll come right off. As long as your fingers and nails are wet, it won't stick to either of those and you can gently slide it in place on your nail with your fingers. Even when it gets a bit crumpled up as it did on the tip of my nail here, as long as everything is wet, you can unfold it again.

4) Be careful with your nails that already have a decal while you place the rest on, as long as your nails ain't fully dry, the decals might accidentally move a bit.

5) Gently use the paper towel to dab around the decals so it soaks up most water, and let the decals dry further, which doesn't take long at all.

6) As you can see, there's some bits of decal sticking out on my fingers. I prefer to use a polish remover pen (one with a hard tip, like on the photo) to remove that, soak it in remover and just place it on the bit of decal that's stuck on your finger. Hold it there for a moment and it'll come right off. Apply your top coat floating (don't let the brush hit your nail too much) else the decal might smudge a little, as it did on my pinky.

I used OPI Thanks a Windmillion as base here. I think these decals look nice and sharp, there's plenty of choice and with most of the images you get enough strips to easily cover all your nails and maybe have some spare for accent nails as well. The one that I used here however, wasn't enough for all my nails, if they would've been shorter the thicker strip would've been enough to cover 4 nails. So these would work best combined with the matching strips, or just as accents.

You can buy these waterdecals from BornPrettyStore, the ones that I have are these, which cost $4,73. With coupon code ABJ61 you'll get another 10% off :)

Thanks for looking, take care!

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