Ok... right... how did this blogging thing work again?

Hi guys! Long time no see! :) Let me start with a huge THANK YOU for all the sweet comments and emails, that really overwhelmed me and I really appreciate all the support I've gotten after my last post!! I recently had a wedding of a nephew of mine and the mani I wore that day felt like a good mani to come back with as well, you guys showed so much ♥ and so does the mani, haha.

The New Black teal (from the Waves set) with Essence Caribbean Sea and BM plate 317.

For the wedding I wanted to wear a mani with subtle hearts and I wanted the color to match my shoes. Turns out that from all the teals in my stash, there wasn't a single polish that made a perfect match! Some were close though, but that sounds like a good excuse to buy more polish, no? =)
Anyway, the stamping turned out a bit too subtle, only visible in some light, I think the stamping polish wasn't only too close to the base color, but the image was finer than I expected as well.

So much for the nails part of this post :) It's going a lot better with me since my last post and I've been enjoying things like fixing the garden and decorating a room that wasn't done yet in my house, but I also had a little foster kitten called Noomi:

Naaaww, isn't she adorable? ^^ She's up for adoption now, and you can see more from her here. Right now she's back at the shelter though (the other blog isn't updated with that yet), I already decided that I didn't want any kittens around when Bindi's situation got worse, and unfortunately that did happen while Nomnom was here. Bindi's tumor has grown a lot in such a short period of time, and I discovered a new tumor as well, bleh :/ That really got to me again, and I just wanted to give her even more tlc, which is a bit hard if there's a kitten going nuts in your house! Right now Bindi's situation seems stable, but I know from last time that the tumors can grow like mad all of a sudden, and with the size they're at now, I'm happy with every month I get with her. Bindi is doing fine though! She doesn't seem to notice them at all, but I'm keeping a close eye on her of course to prevent any discomfort.

And to continue with my little update, as you know I've been afk for a while now, and during that time I also missed the 3 year anniversary of my blog! Even though I had some breaks here and there, I never expected my blog to last this long! I had a great time blogging those years and a large part of that is thanks to you all ♥
But during my break I barely wore any polish (I now know what my nails look like without stains, lol!), and to be honest, looking at my review drawer I just felt overwhelmed at times with what I still had to review. But I'm swatching while I'm writing this, so you can expect more posts soon! And for now I'll stick to just the blog, I'll ignore things like Instagram for a while, and just slowly get back into it a bit :)

Thanks for reading and again, thanks a lot you guys!