Random Shimmer spam!

Hi guys! It's way too warm to sit behind the pc sorting pics and writing a long post, so I'm going to keep things fairly short and just show 1 pic of each polish before I go enjoy this weather some more :) Hope you don't mind that I'm doing a less extensive review here!

These Shimmer polishes all covered in 3 coats, I'm showing them here with top coat (just 1 layer, they might need a 2nd if you're wearing them instead of just swatching, like I did). And these are all excellent for gradients or layering as well!


Carmen is a copper glitter with lots of golden and holographic glitter as well, the latter doesn't really show up on my pics though.


Jennifer is a light blue glitter, with colors like copper, blue, gold, light purple and light green as well.


This was the first one I swatched after being afk for so long, and I can't say I really captured it all that well. You might see this again sometime! Trisha is a dark orange glitter, with copper, gold, blue and purple as well.


Julia is a blue glitter, with some pastel colors in it as well, and combined with the silver it has this icy look to it.


Lorene is a berry mix in a slightly tinted base, the colors most clear are various shades of blue, gold and copper. But as with most of these, it's quite complex!


Tammy is made of gold/black/purple glitter, it also has silver bars and some holographic glitters in it.


Irene is a champagne/gold/silver glitter, but again, that's not all there is to it! This very fine glitter has other colors as well, but I think that's holographic glitter and not colored glitter.


Liana looks like a blue/black glitter in a slightly tinted base at first, which is more blue or black depending on the angle, but there's silver glitter and holographic as well.

If there's one thing these glitters have in common, it's that they're all so unique! With each of these I could've written that it's unlike anything I own, that they're packed with glitters and apply easy as well. And some of these color combinations might sound a bit odd at first, but they all work out so well! If you like glitters, to wear crazy glitterbombs on your nails or just for a touch of sparkle, these really are great :)

You can buy Shimmer Polish on the website or on Etsy, and you can also find Shimmer on Facebook.

Thanks for looking and have a great weekend!

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