Stripey stripey!

Hey all! I've been swatching some more polish today, but I'd rather sit outside right now than sort all those pics, so instead I'll show a mani that I did the other day! I'm sorry for the quality of these pics, I used metallic polish, and that + sunshine didn't go so well on photos, so I ended up going for the not-so-sharp normal light photos instead. For this mani I used 2 Kiko polishes from the Mirror collection, added striping tape and a coat of polish in the 2nd color. Then I used top coat to even things out a bit, but I wasn't loving the metallic finish for this, but matte top coat helped a lot with that :)

Kiko 629 Copper and Kiko 630 Golden Rose, striping tape and Essence Matt top coat.

With the heat wave we're having atm my cats are even more slacky than usual, although Sue still wants to go on my lap. Imagine a chubby little heater on your lap with 30+ degrees! *shoves Sue aside* Bindi's snoozing upstairs a lot, but Dewey, as always, still loves being outside. He found a new cool spot to relax, in between 2 lavenders, which is also an excellent place to jump out of and scare the hell out of unsuspecting birds! Poor birds, lol, I wonder how that'll go next year when more plants are big enough to hide under >.<

Thanks for looking & take care :)