Another gradient stamping & tutorial

Hi all :) I haven't stamped in months, and when I was looking through my platefolder I didn't even know where to start, lol! So many ideas came to mind! But I already picked the colors for a gradient stamping, which helped, because I think some images look best stamped in a creme or in 1 color only. I think I saw the gradient stamping for the first time on the always awesome The Polished Perfectionist, and loved it from the moment I tried it! You can see my previous 2 manis here and here. Stamping after such a long time was a bit tricky again, I didn't get such clean transfers, but an image like this is very forgiving (which makes it ideal for when you're just learning how to stamp as well) :)

Because the previous gradient stamping (such a mouthful, but shortening it to gramping or stradient just sounds so weird :P) that I did turned out too subtle, I went for 3 colors that are a bit further apart this time. And man, I am loving how this one turned out! ♥ Unfortunately it just wouldn't photograph though, which was highly frustrating tbh! Because I used metallics it all just looked too light and cool on photos, while it's such a warm colored and obvious gradient irl. This morning I tried again, still no succes, so what to do then? Mattify it of course! =) And that helped luckily :) I loved it both shiny and matte, but because my shiny pics failed so badly, I'll just show the matte only. But you can get an idea of the shiny version from the tiny pic in the bottom-right of the tutorial below though. Really, if you have these colors, try them together sometime, I promise it'll look way better irl even!

Catrice C02 with Kiko 630 Golden Rose, 629 Copper, 619 Red Peony, Essence Matt TC and Pueen plate 05.

And here's how I did that:

Hope you liked it, have a great weekend! ♥

Edit, thanks to a little fail with scheduling this post, I ended up having 2 posts today! Have a look at the first post here :)