Essence products for Fall/Winter - Preview

And the last post for today (4 posts in 1 day, I think that's a first! :P) is the preview of the new Essence products for Fall/Winter. I'm a bit late with posting these, but fixing all the images from Essence always takes some time! Anyway, here they are :) All the images are clickable for an enlargement, and the products will be in stores in September.

More sand polishes? Yes please!

That middle one got my attention, wonder how that'll look irl.

Caviar beads, flocking powder, glitters, I'd still order such things online because it's cheaper and offers more choice. But I know not everyone can/wants to do so, so it's nice to see more of this stuff in drugstores as well!

That peeling pen, I guess it's to scrub stains off your nails, wonder if that works! And same with the French manicure brush.

Remember the last "glow in the dark" polish from Essence? I wonder if this one will really glow in the dark instead of blacklight only!

And lastly, newspaper nails taken to a whole new level! I've done newspaper nails before, which is pretty simple to do, but you can vary with that as well by printing out things yourself, buying complete sets with added newspaper, or going for images in a paper instead of text. Or as Essence shows here, with different colorful prints as well! It looks to me like a mix between newspaper nails and nail foils, and I'll definitely have a closer look at this stuff when it's in stores.

Update: and here are the bigger versions of the papers, they ain't crispy sharp anymore, but I wanted to compress them because they were huge! You can click them for an enlargement.

I'm most curious about the sand polishes, how about you? :)