Inspired by... my umbrella

I got this umbrella quite some time ago already, but from the moment I saw it, I knew I had to do a matching mani sometime. Because when I saw the print, it instantly reminded me of a specific image plate and color! The original plan was to just do a full stamped mani, but I want to do some other nail arts more as well, so I decided to do an accent nail. And here's how it turned out!

Models Own Purple Grey with Konad Black and BM plate 224, accentnail of China Glaze Millennium, Konad Black and a rhinestone.

I normally wouldn't have gone for such an accentnail in combination with the other nails, but I figured to get a little inspiration from the inside of the umbrella as well! So I used striping tape to create a v-gap accentnail with silver (I've done a v-gap ages ago with normal tape, so much easier with striping tape!), and added a black rhinestone to resemble the button on the umbrella. I really need to get a black 1-coater sometime though! My blacks don't cover well enough and I was afraid I'd get a bad result when removing the striping tape if I let the layers dry in between, so instead of using those blacks, I used the Konad Black stamping polish. But that thing is crazy pigmented! So I'm sure you can understand that it wasn't fun to do a cleanup of this mani :)

And yes, my fingers look a bit over the top pale today, sorry about that! I could choose between normal skincolor and bad polishcolor, or the other way I around. I chose the latter, but I'm actually a bit tanned atm! (Took a lot of sun, and you bet I'm proud of my baby tan, haha!)

What do you think of my inspired by... mani? I'm planning to do some more of those in the future as well :)

Thanks for looking and have a great day!