OMGNailStrips Love nail polish strips

Hi guys! Just a quick post today with a review of nail strips. I'll start with the result for a change :)

Here's how they look in the package (I'll show the other ones some other time) and the different sizes you get. I used the smallest sizes, but on my thumb I could've used 1 size bigger to fully cover the sides. Considering the size of the biggest ones, I'm sure you could also use these for a pedi! And I kept my nails fairly long for this review, but I still had enough left from each strip that I'm sure I could do a full mani + pedi with 1 package.

And here's a closer look at the design I'm showing today. Poodles, haha! So cute indeed ^^

I was surprised by how easy these strips went on, they're pretty thin and with that, very flexible as well! I've tried strips before but sometimes they're quite hard and wrinkle easily. I barely had any wrinkles, and I can't say I struggled much with preventing wrinkles either, a great first try :)

I think these make for a fun mani/pedi, or a great accentnail!

OMGNailStrips can be bought on their website, and you can check them out on Facebook as well. As you can see here, they have plenty of choice, and what I like is that they don't only offer designs like this, but also some that look like handmade nailart, like the splatter, but then without any mess! The strips cost $6,89 per set, but they now also offer a 4pack for $20 or a 10pack for $45.

What do you think of strips like these, would you use them? Thanks for looking!

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