Trind nail care products

Hi all! Today's post is a bit different than my usual posts, prepare for lots of naked nails! Trind send me a bunch of their nail products, and I'll be reviewing them in this post.

All products come in a professional looking box with the product and a little information folder inside.

Lets start with my nails without any products! This is after an entire afternoon of swatching, so they're pretty dry, and as you can see, the white of my nails is partially see-through at some areas. During my break I haven't been taking good care of my nails, but when I used some of these Trind products in the past, that white area improved as well. On the bright side, I also didn't wear polish during my time off, so my nails aren't so stained now :)

The Nail Brightener is the first product I'll be showing, the top text is the text on the box, the bottom text is on the information folder.

Here are my nails with 1 coat of Nail Brightener. It gives too much of a unnatural, purple-ish glow for my liking, however, if you like French manicures, I think this might be a nice product to make your natural nails look more like a French manicure without much effort. I mean, look at the white of my nails, that really seems to look a lot more white with this product!

Then we have the Ridge Filler. As the box said, it's a basecoat that gives an even surface. Especially some polish finishes show ridges a lot more (like metallics) and you can buff your nails a bit to even the surface as well, but that's something you shouldn't do so often (it'll weaken your nails). A ridge filling basecoat on the other hand, can be used whenever you like, doesn't damage your nails and gives a very smooth result as well. Let's see if Trind's Ridge Filler does the trick...

The answer is yes, it sure does! When applying it, you'll notice straight away that this basecoat is thicker than your average basecoat, and you'll get a very smooth, glossy nail.

And in closeup! I don't think I'll often wear metallics without this from now on :)

Next up is one of my favorite Trind products, the Nail Balsam. I've already mentionned it in my favorite products post, but today I'll show a bit more of it.

The first times I used this, my nails absorbed the balsam within no time! That surprised me, I had no idea my nails were thát dry, but using this really helped with the chipping problem I had back then. And I like to use it as well, it feels soothing and caring for my nails :)

On the left are my nails right after the application, I apply it fairly generous and also apply it a little to my skin. On the right is how it looks after 2 minutes, and on the bottom is after I massaged the remains in my nails and cuticles. Compare that to the first photo of my nails in this post, my nails look so much better and moisturized here! What I also like about this product is that a bottle will last for a long time, and that you won't have to clean your nails before continuing with your mani. I've used it plenty of times with the Nail Repair applied straight after using this and never noticed my mani lasting less long or any.

Update: And here's how my nails look a couple of days later, after moisturizing them with the Nail Balsam. My camera was bugging a bit, so it's a phone pic, but I'm sure you can see the difference in the white of my nails anyway! The white areas that were a bit see-through have already improved loads again :)

Before - After

And here's the Nail Repair. As you can see, there's a warning on this product. Now I've had my nails react to hardeners before (my nails started to hurt), sometimes even after I'd used them several times before, but so far I've never had a reaction with this product. But with any product like this one, I'd really advise to follow the directions.

Here's how my nails look after applying the Nail Repair.

And lastly, a product I was eager to try, Trind Top Coat Matt. You know I love mattifying my manis, so I was curious about this matte top coat!

First I tried it on top of the Nail Repair, what I noticed is that it did give some brushstrokes if I wasn't careful. The finish isn't chalkboard matte, but of course I tried it out on normal polish as well.

Here I'm wearing Top Coat Matt on Trind Sunset Orange from their Beauty of Nature collection (full swatches and review on the blog soon). As you can see, the top coat gives more of a satin finish. It didn't dry as fast as some other matte top coats, and it felt like my indexfinger got more matte than the others. I think I applied it a bit thicker there than on my other nails though, and I'll definitely be trying this TC out more to see what it does with the thickness of the application. Regardless of that, I do like the finish, it's something I can see myself use more often when I'm not in the mood for very matte nails.

Overall, I really like Trind's products, I wouldn't use the Nail Brightener much and I want to try out the Top Coat Matt more, but the other 3 products shown here do work well for me. What I also like about them, is the brush. It's a smaller brush, but it's one of those brushes that with several of these products, you can dip once and pretty much use on a whole hand at once, without it flooding the first few nails. And when it comes to the Nail Hardener, I think it's only handy that it's a smaller brush, so it's easier to not hit your cuticles with it.

For more information about Trind, have a look at their website or check out their new Facebook page. Have you tried any Trind products, and if so, what's your favorite?

Thanks for looking!

The product(s) in this post was/were send to me for review. For more information, please have a look at my Disclosure Policy.