DRK plates B/C/D1/D2

Hi guys! As you might have seen already, I received some DRK plates for review. And let me tell you straight away, they're awesome! :D These plates have all kinds of images, and they're huge compared to the average stamping images, so that makes them great as well for people with longer nails. But also for people with shorter nails, because I know I'm not alone on having too big thumbnails for a lot of images! No more doublestamping needed with these :)

The plates come with blue, easy to remove protective foil on the front, and a protective cover on the back. They're not completely smooth on the edges, but nothing that can harm you, so I really don't care much about that!

I left the images below quite big, if you'd like to see more detail of the plates, please click them for an enlargement! They're not crispy sharp anymore then, but I wanted to reduce the size of the images a little.

Oh man, where to start, look at all those swirly patterns! And I really like as well how they added 3 different sizes of some of the smaller images, making them suitable for all your nails instead of having a flower that's tiny on your thumb and way too big for your pinkie.

This plate offers more small images in different sizes, and look at the bricks, postage stamps, snake print, and those doggies! Especially loving the bamboo and top left image!

But the awesomeness doesn't stop there, these 2 ruler shaped plates have some great images as well! A cat version of the doggy image on plate C (and for the people that have DRK-A, that cat image has butterflies as well, these are just cats in various positions), an Egyptian themed image, puzzle pieces and a braided image, ...

But from all the images there were a few that I really LOVED straight away, one of them was a dotted image from plate B. I did a simple stamped mani with it, tried out another China Glaze for stamping which worked fine, and here's how that looks!

Color Club Uptown Girl with China Glaze Don't Make Me Wine and plate DRK-B.

Color Club Uptown Girl with China Glaze Don't Make Me Wine and plate DRK-B.

Color Club Uptown Girl with China Glaze Don't Make Me Wine and plate DRK-B.

Look how well that transferred! The images are also fairly deep, which means you have a little more time to place them on your nails (a shallow image gives a very thin image on your stamper, which dries even faster). And I did all 4 nails without cleaning the plate in between, that's some impressive detail transferring right there! I am SO excited about these plates, and yes I easily get excited about new plates, lol, but if there's something that makes me love new plates it's when they inspire me straight away! And these did just that ♥

I told you before these images are big, right? This might give you a good idea of the size of these things, and I kept my nails fairly long for this review, lol! And if I want to transfer an entire image, I'll have to get a bigger stamper first!
This can be a bit of a downside as well though, because my nails are obviously too tiny to fit the entire image, and it might be a little trickier to get them all straight. But I'm very happy to see a brand offering plates with various styles, larger images for all you ladies with longer nails :)

And you may have seen this comparison before, but I updated it to add that it's not just plate A which has those big images. What I measured is the average though, some images on all these plates are a bit smaller, and there's also a bunch of images that are even bigger!

Please note: the up-to-date comparison can always be found at my Stamping Plate Sizes page.

You can buy these plates online, in the Esmalteria da KK webshop for R$49 for the bigger plates, R$20 for D1 and D2 combined. You can also find them at the Ninja Polish webshop, for $23,50 and $14,50. And lastly, you can find DRK on Facebook as well :)

What do you think of these plates? Have a lovely weekend and thanks for looking! ♥

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