Essence Beauty Beats & Metal Glam - Preview

Hi guys, here are the previews of 2 upcoming Essence collections! And I asked last time if you would prefer to see a preview with just the nail stuff or also the make up, several of you preferred the latter, so these are the full previews :) As usual, you can click the images for an enlargement!


First up is beauty beats – girls on tour with Justin Bieber, which will be available from November till mid December.

Nail polish: groupie at heart - as long as you love me - i’m backstage - baby, baby, ooh! €1,89
Paperprint: transfer solution €1,89 - paper print design with pictures of Bieber €1,39
Eyeshadow: baby, baby, ooh! - as long as you love me - i´m backstage €1,69
Shimmer powder: swaaag! €3,39
Lipgloss: i´m backstage - groupie at heart - eenie meenie €1,99
Blush: groupie at heart €2,59
2in1 eyeliner: has a fine side and a wide side, the biggest fan €2,99
Hairties: set of 2 €1,99

Well, to put it nicely, I'm not exactly a Bieber fan :P But I'm sure the fans will enjoy this Limited Edition, and I hope for them that these paper prints will work better than the one I tried. The images of the polishes don't make me go yay either, nothing we haven't seen before!


Next we have metal glam, this LE will be available in November and December.

Nail polish: gold digger - glamour girls - petal to the metal - steel-ing the scene €1,89
Gold topper: steel-ing the scene €1,99
Eyeshadow: steel-ing the scene - glamour girls - petal to the metal - golden eye €2,59
Stick on eyeliner: petal to the metal €1,99
Highlighting powder: gold digger €2,99
Lipgloss: glam-me - best dressed - petal to the metal €1,99
Blush: glam-me €2,89
Stick on jewels: she’s so glamorous €1,99
Nail stickers: glam-me - she’s so glamorous - silver star €1,99

Considering the price of the gold topper I think it's safe to say that it isn't a gold leaf top coat but just a golden glitter, shimmer or perhaps some flake glitter. I'm somewhat interested in these polishes, for the simple fact that metallics often work well for stamping, so I'm curious to see how pigmented these are. Not that I need more stamping polish in these colors, but I haven't figured out yet how to explain that to my inner hoarder! ^^


What do you think of these LE's? Anything that caught your interest? :)