Morning! After doing my previous circuit board mani with the new BM plates, I couldn't resist trying out another plate, and went for the fingerprint image. I went with skincolors, but while I did so, I thought of doing a crime scene inspired mani with that image as well! Imagine the images with splatters or drips in a bloody red, a dusted fingerprint and caution tape, ... I might end up doing that some other time, but today I'll just show you these instead :)

OPI My Very First Knockwurst with Kiko Golden Rose, Bundle Monster plate 414 and Trind Matt.

My skin on the top of my fingers doesn't look so nice here, I'm sorry about that, but getting all that green off my nails gave me slightly stained skin, yikes! But oh well, I did enjoy the result of the mani, yet another great image on that new plateset :)

Have a great day!