Giveaway time with MoYou-London!

Hi guys! Today I have some very exciting news for you, I'm hosting a giveaway sponsored by MoYou-London, where the winner will get to choose 6! plates of their Suki collection!!

I've already reviewed some of their plates here, they're fantastic :) And MoYou-London offers such a wide variety of gorgeous and highly unique designs, they have plates for everyone and they keep adding new ones at high speed as well! You should definitely check them out if you love stamping, I'm sure your wishlist will be filled in no time just like mine, haha!
So, back to the giveaway: as I said above, one lucky winner will get to choose 6 plates of the Suki collection. What's that collection, you say? Have a look at these, are they awesome, or what?! :)

Images clickable for an enlargement

In case you're not sure how to use the plates with 1 big design, have a look at this helpful vid from Marta from ChitChatNails.

Please use the widget below to enter this giveaway!

Here's some extra information:
- The giveaway is open internationally.
- There will be one winner, who gets to choose 6 plates of the Suki collection. Please note though, plates that are for pre sale will be shipped later, the other plates will be shipped immediately.
- The winner will be contacted within 24 hours after the giveaway closes, and then has 48 hours to reply.
- After the winner has replied, I will send the winner's contact information to MoYou-London, who will take it from there.
- MoYou-London will ship the 6 plates directly to the winner.
- You can only enter by using the Rafflecopter widget below, entries in comments do not count.
- Please note, with Google Friend Connect I mean the following option on the right bar of my blog, not on Google+ (I don't use G+).

I'm very happy that I get to run this giveaway because I'm sure a lot of you would love these plates, thank you MoYou-London for the opportunity, and good luck to you all!! ♥

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Silver webs

Right, back to nails :) I wanted to play a bit more with the MoYou-London plates (full review here) and the spiderweb was my image of choice for this mani. I reaaaally don't like spiders, but with this image, I don't think of those creepy crawlers at all, and I'm loving this design!

Catrice Put Lavender On Agenda with China Glaze Millennium and MoYou-London Pro Collection 03.

Thanks for looking & take care!

MoYou-London The Biker collection - Preview

Hey all, I didn't get to posting last couple of days so you might've already seen this preview, but I'll post it anyways because it's yet another great plate collection that I'm sure a lot of you will love! These plates are up for pre-sale now on the MoYou-London website. For a great tip on how to use the last plate that's made of 1 big image (and plates alike), check this vid by Marta from ChitChatNails!

Thank you all ♥

Let me start this post by saying that you guys are the sweetest!! ♥ I've received so much sweet and caring comments and mails after losing my precious little girl Bindi, and I haven't replied to them individually because I get emotional every time I read them - but in a good way. It's really, really sweet of you all, and it means so much to me, thank you all so very much. Hugs!

As you may have read before, Bindi had cancer, and when it came back shortly after her surgery, I decided to not take any action (there weren't much options and no guarantees, and Bindi didn't handle such things well) and just give her the best time I could instead. Bindi was doing fine in the past 6 months besides having that horrible thing growing in her body. But it was a matter of time before it would either start causing problems on the inside, or break through the skin. Both were things I wanted to prevent, and the last couple of weeks I felt the tumor was getting very close to her skin. There was only one outcome in the end, and the last thing I could do for her was prevent her from suffering. So when I saw a small sign that it started to bug her, I called the vet for her last appointment. On Wednesday I first said goodbye to fosterkitten Basil, who's now back at the shelter, so that Bindi and I would have more time to say goodbye without the little guy mixing in.

Those days before her passing were painful and sad, every time I looked at her I knew it would be one of the last times I'd see her like that, and I bugged her quite a bit with my camera. And gave her all the cuddles, sweet words and treats I could of course! Thursday it was quite sunny, and she had a last time of rolling around on her beloved catnipplant outside in the sun, which I'm very happy with that she could do that one last time. In the evening and night she stayed with me the entire time, Sue and Dewey were nowhere to be found. Very special how they all seemed to pick up that something was going on. Bindi even went out of her comfortzone and gave me a special goodbye, but the next morning she sensed some was up and capturing her wasn never fun, but it really broke my heart this time. My sweet sister came to pick us up, and at the vet we didn't have to wait in the waitingroom but they straight away offered us an empty room. Bindi as usual went to hide in my clothes, and I held her on my lap, with her little face burried deep in my clothes. The vet came in and just gave her the anesthetic shot on my lap and left us, so Bindi could fall asleep on my lap quietly. After that she passed away peacefully on one of her favorite sweaters of mine. The vet took a moment as well to say goodbye to Bindi after she passed, she petted her and said sweet words to her, which was very touching to see. That evening both Sue and Dewey stayed with me the entire time, and every time I woke up during the night, they were there, ready to cuddle. Those 2 are awesome and are helping me loads right now. I'm thankful for every year I had with Bindi, that I got to see her grow and be less scared, and that I got to see her in a way none else did. She was a happy, oh so chatty, adorable little girl. She was so very amazing ♥


July 2002 - October 2013

Earlier this week I made the final vet appointment for my beloved Bindi, and this morning it was time to say goodbye. I pretended all is fine on my blog and stuff, but I can't anymore. I have so much thoughts I'd want to share, so much things I'd want to say, but I'm completely drained and sad right now. My sweet, special little girl is no more. Bindi ♥

MoYou-London stamping plates

Hi guys! I have some amazing plates to show you from MoYou-London! And because I haven't showed some nail art in a while now, I couldn't resist making 2 manis, but let's look at the plates first :)

Oh my, isn't that the cutest plate packaging ever?! Each plate comes in a packaging like this (for the people who've ordered before, they just added this new packaging a few days ago!), and every collection has an own girl. Meet Joan The Pro and Lea The Princess!

The back of the packaging shows and describes how to stamp, the plates have a protective blue foil that comes off easily, and a plastic back with the brand name. Even though the back already prevents sharp edges on the plates, the plates itself aren't sharp either. It looks like MoYou-London really has a lot of attention for detail!

Especially loving the swirly images, the bubbles image, and the top left one I'll show below!

MoYou-London has images in different sizes: their standard size is somewhat smaller and perfect for girls with shorter nails (they fit fine on my preferred nail length as I'll show below), but they also have XL Designs for people with longer nails. And they even have plates with just 1 ginormous image!
Some of the images on plates with smaller images are also used on the XL plates, so if you love a design but have long nails, check their XL plates as well! The plate above and below show that as well, the images with the dandelion and the little dandelion things (no clue on the name, lol) are on both plates. Also great for when you want to wear the same image on all nails, an image might fill up my pinkie but look mini on my thumb, but with various sizes that won't be an issue.

Double roses for 2-way print, swirly and splatter, and that bird! The text and face were my testimages, shown below as well.

I really had a hard time choosing plates, and MoYou-London is bringing out new plates at high speed, but luckily a lot of them weren't available yet (only for pre sale) when I got to choose, so that made things just a little easier! But they have SO many plates that I'd love to try out, and I'll warn you in advance, you'll end up with a full shopping cart in no time! =)

Even though I have a lot of animal prints already, I couldn't resist the butterfly image, the turtle back and the peacock feathers :)

Buttons! And even more swirly images (can you tell I love those? :)) + a bunny that's perfect for Easter!

Of course I had to try these out, and I decided to go for 2 fine lined images. I used the text image on all 3 nails without cleaning the plate in between, and on my pinkie it transferred a bit less good by then. I like to try out such things to give me an idea of how deep the images are when I'm trying out a brand that I haven't used before :) Fine lined images can dry in the blink of an eye, and the deeper the image is, the more time you have. Because these images aren't shallow, I had enough time to make a good transfer. I'd still advise you to clean the plate in between with such images to get a perfect transfer every time, or just clean the plate whenever your stamp isn't showing a good transfer anymore!

The New Black pink & peach from the Shibuya set with Konad Black and MoYou-London plate 04 from the Pro collection.

But I just had to try out another image, and went for a mani that's a little bit more me :) I used a Catrice polish with brushed metal effect, and I wanted to use top coat, but after seeing how it looked without, I decided to leave it like this!

Catrice How I Matt Your Mother with Kiko 622 Wisteria and MoYou-London plate 06 from the Pro collection.

I've updated my image size comparison, the size of the normal MoYou-London images (as shown on 3 of the plates above) is a bit smaller than the average image size, but their XL images are clearly a lot bigger than most! According to their site the XL images are about 1,5x2,0, but the ones on the XL plate that I have, all measured 2,1/2,2 cm instead. Small difference, but maybe worth to mention for the really long-nailed girls out there :) The only downside to these plates is the actual plate size, they obviously won't fit in platefolders!

I'm sure my post already made clear that I love the MoYou plates, so instead of telling you even more about how these plates are made of pure win, I'll go fill up my wishlist instead! =)
The MoYou-London plates are available on their website, and cost £4,99 each. You can also find them on Facebook.

Thanks for looking and have a great day!

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Bat My Eyes

Morning! Here's the last of the 3 China Glaze Monsters Ball polishes I received, Bat My Eyes. China Glaze Calls this an ominous gold glitter, it's a black base packed with various sizes golden glitter and some coppery-golden bar glitter as well. I know not everyone loves bar glitter, but don't turn this one down straight away! The bar glitters aren't as obvious in this polish, and I think they really add to the effect of this polish :)

China Glaze Bat My Eyes

China Glaze Bat My Eyes

See what I mean, those bar glitters aren't standing out much at all! Here you can see one more clearly on my middlefinger, but most are partially covered by all the golden glitters.

China Glaze Bat My Eyes

Yep, I had to :P Here it is, mattified!

China Glaze Bat My Eyes

But I'm loving it shiny more ♥

China Glaze Bat My Eyes

This was 2 slightly thicker coats, with top coat. Isn't it pretty? The China Glaze Monsters Ball collection is available in (online) stores now.

Thanks for stopping by, take care :)

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China Glaze Happy HoliGlaze - Preview


Los Angeles (October 2013) – Reindeers won’t be the only ones lighting up the night sky this holiday season. China Glaze® Nail Lacquer launches a party-perfect collection sure to get the celebrations started off right. These twist-on-traditional shades and gift sets make perfect party favors, stocking stuffers and gifts (shhh, we won’t tell if the gift is for yourself!).

The China Glaze® Happy HoliGlaze collection features 12 new polishes and one top coat.

There’s Snow One Like You: Limited edition white Texture with matte glitter
Elfin’ Around: Red rust with an aluminum-like mirror finish
Just Be-Claws: Red with an aluminum-like mirror finish
Santa Red My List: Pink/red with an aluminum-like mirror finish
Put A Bow On It: Magenta glitter
Be Merry, Be Bright: Multi-magenta purple glitter
All Wrapped Up: Midnight purple and blue glitter
Your Present Required: Multi-sized and multi-colored glitter
So Blue Without You: Blue with an aluminum-like mirror finish
Bells Will Be Blinging: Blue and gold multi-colored glitter
Mingle With Kringle: Fierce gold with aluminum-like mirror finish
This is Tree-mendous: Green with fine gold glitter
Travel In Colour: Iridescent travel effect top coat

image clickable for an enlargement

image clickable for an enlargement

The China Glaze® Happy HoliGlaze collection also features 10 seasonally-inspired gifts.  Gift sets include:

Be Merry: Mini bottles of Just Be-Claws, Santa Red My List, Put A Bow On It & Be Merry, Be Bright
Be Bright: Mini bottles of Your Present Required, Bells Will Be Blinging, Mingle with Kringle & Be Merry, Be Bright
Touch of Twinkle: Just Be-Claws, Santa Red My List & Be Merry, Be Bright
Dash of Dazzle: Mingle With Kringle, Bells Will Be Blinging & So Blue Without You
Oh, Joy!: Just Be-Claws, Santa Red My List, Your Present Required, & So Blue Without You with a “Joy” necklace
Good Spirits: Bells Will Be Blinging, Mingle With Kringle & a blue frosted shot glass
Sparkle All the Way: Your Present Required, Be Merry, Be Bright, Just Be-Claws & a purple compact mirror
Get Carried Away: Santa Red My List, Your Present Required, So Blue Without You & a silver change purse
Snow Buddy: There’s Snow One Like You, Be Merry, Be Bright, Elfin’ Around & a plush polar bear
Holiday Travels: 18 mini bottles of Travel In Colour in a 12 pc. bucket

image clickable for an enlargement

The China Glaze® Happy HoliGlaze collection will be available in November 2013 at fine salons and beauty supply stores nationwide. China Glaze® is free of DBP, toluene, and added formaldehyde.

For more information, please visit or follow China Glaze® on Facebook (@ChinaGlazeOfficial), Twitter (@ChinaGlaze), Pinterest ( and Instagram (@ChinaGlazeOfficial).


What do you think of this holiday collection? The 1st row of polishes feel more wintery to me than festive, but the 2nd row makes up for that! Those rich red/golden colors are typical holiday collection polishes I think :) Curious to see some of these, like the purple glitter on the left and middle blue glitter, the top coat, and the (layering?) glitters!

Howl You Doin'

Good evening! I already showed you Bump In The Night the other day, and today I have another polish of China Glaze's Monsters Ball collection. China Glaze describes this polish as a shadowy purple glitter, and I think that covers it quite well! It's a deep purple base packed with blurple glitters and little copper flakes, and I think there's some pink glitters in it as well.
I used 2 slightly thicker coats of it, and finished with top coat. I struggled a bit to capture its beauty though! So to show you the glitter a bit better, and because matte glitters can look great, I also added some mattified swatches of Howl You Doin' (and every time I think of that name an image of Joey saying this pops up in my head, haha).

China Glaze Howl You Doin'

China Glaze Howl You Doin'

China Glaze Howl You Doin' mattified

China Glaze Howl You Doin' mattified

I think it's a beautiful glitter, perfect for Halloween ánd Fall, and would probably make for some great glittery tips as well! It did make me think me of OPI Merry Midnight, but I don't have that one, so can't compare them for you. But check out this post from Polish Insomniac if you're interested in seeing them side by side. The China Glaze Monsters Ball collection is available in (online) stores now.

Have a lovely evening and thanks for looking!

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WIC by Herôme Glamorous USA, KOH Paparazzi! and MoYou London Suki - Previewspam!

Evening all, just a post in between with some previews! All images are clickable for an enlargement.


WIC by Herôme Glamorous USA will be available in November. And ohh, I think these look very promising on these images!


KOH Paparazzi! will be available in November as well. You can use each separate, or go for a glitter on one of the basecolors. Think the left combo could be very cute :)


MoYou-London will be adding some new plates to their Suki collection, these are up for pre sale at the moment, and will arrive in the beginning of November (just as their Comics and Mother Nature plates). I'm not sure how handy these completely full plates are, because I never tried plates like this, but I do like it when companies try out new things. Especially when it looks like this!

Bump In The Night

Howdy! China Glaze send me 3 polishes of their Halloween collection Monsters Ball, 2 glitters and a texture polish. I wanted to swatch them all, but foster kitten Basil got neutered this morning, and he came home with me straight after, so my attention is with him today! Right now he's sleeping though, and I already noticed on the swatch sticks that the texture polish covered well and dried fast, so I couldn't resist some quick swatching of that one in between :) I'll show the gorgeous glitters sometime soon as well!

Now, today's polish is called Bump In The Night, it's a black texture polish, and it's awesome!! Let's have a look at it straight away:

China Glaze Bump In The Night

As you know, I'm not so into black, but this polish makes me forget about that. It just glides on the nails, I barely needed any cleanup, and the only reason I used 2 coats is because I wanted some more texture effect on my nails. The black base covers in 1 easy coat! And if that's not enough, it dries fast as well! So if you like blacks or texture polish, this one might be perfect for you! :)

China Glaze Bump In The Night

China Glaze Bump In The Night

You can see on the tip of my indexfinger why I applied a 2nd coat, 1 coat covers well but it doesn't give as much texture, seems I missed a little spot there :)

China Glaze Bump In The Night

What do you think of Bump In The Night? And what do you think of textured polish, are you still loving them or are you ready for the next big thing in polishland?

The China Glaze Monsters Ball collection is available now in (online) stores. Thanks for looking ♥

The product(s) in this post was/were send to me for review. For more information, please have a look at my Disclosure Policy.

Basil update

Good evening :) I haven't posted nails in a few days now, me and grey weather isn't the best combo, and I've been busy with foster kitten Basil as well. I know some of you love seeing him, and I've been slacking badly with updates, but remember that terrified kitty hanging in the top of his cage? Well, not much left of that poor little guy! :) Instead I'm now having a crazy energy rushing through my house! He improved so much faster than expected, but last week he didn't improve much at all and started to dislike me it seemed, and I suspected that had to do with the bench (some animals like a bit of private space like that, he clearly didn't!). So I took away the bench, and gave him a small room upstairs instead, where he only has to spend the night now. After that he straight away liked me so much more, and he's a lot more cuddly since as well! He still has his moments of running away from me, today was a worse day as well, if it's up to him he's never locked up. But me, my cats and my house would like to get some rest during nights, lol. But besides that, it feels like we're working on the finishing touches already to get him ready for adoption! Basil will have plenty more to learn, and we'll find him a suiting home where he gets that opportunity as well :) But my job is almost done already, yay for Basil! Here are some pics to show how he's doing!

Dewey always likes to hold on to the kittens when he washes them :)

Oh you silly, silly kitten! I wasn't sure where Basil was in his bench, until I saw something weird about the hammock...

He went in from the top, but that hole in it was quite amusing! We couldn't get near him, he'd attack so fast, and he had a blast (and so did I :D) Dew didn't care about that paw poking him, he was looking for kittenfood :P

He got to snooze a little with Dew, which is quite uncommon, and he loved it :)

Cuddles on my lap ♥

His favorite toy is a crumbled piece of paper

Accidentally ran into Sue, oops! Sue isn't loving kittens so much, to put it nicely >.<

Posing pretty, too bad there was some hair from Dewey stuck to his face!

He isn't completely black, besides a white hair here and there and a tiny white spot on his chest, he has some hairs on his back which look like they're dipped in a dark silver or some. Not always visible, often he just looks black (very handy at night I noticed, haha, I'm so used to having cats with clear white spots!), but at times you can clearly see tabby stripes in dark silver and black on the back of his head. Tabby in disguise it seems :)

Dewdew doesn't get a lot of privacy, Basil's always eager to join him, like here on a chair

Well, I guess these pics clearly show he's come a long way already, I'm so proud of Basil!! :) I'm not sure how much longer he'll stay though, I'd prefer to have him adopted from my house, but right now there are some things in the way of that I'm afraid. So will see what happens, where we go from here, but regardless, it's been a wonderful and such a rewarding experience so far ♥

Off to cuddle some more, thanks for stopping by & take care :)