Thank you all ♥

Let me start this post by saying that you guys are the sweetest!! ♥ I've received so much sweet and caring comments and mails after losing my precious little girl Bindi, and I haven't replied to them individually because I get emotional every time I read them - but in a good way. It's really, really sweet of you all, and it means so much to me, thank you all so very much. Hugs!

As you may have read before, Bindi had cancer, and when it came back shortly after her surgery, I decided to not take any action (there weren't much options and no guarantees, and Bindi didn't handle such things well) and just give her the best time I could instead. Bindi was doing fine in the past 6 months besides having that horrible thing growing in her body. But it was a matter of time before it would either start causing problems on the inside, or break through the skin. Both were things I wanted to prevent, and the last couple of weeks I felt the tumor was getting very close to her skin. There was only one outcome in the end, and the last thing I could do for her was prevent her from suffering. So when I saw a small sign that it started to bug her, I called the vet for her last appointment. On Wednesday I first said goodbye to fosterkitten Basil, who's now back at the shelter, so that Bindi and I would have more time to say goodbye without the little guy mixing in.

Those days before her passing were painful and sad, every time I looked at her I knew it would be one of the last times I'd see her like that, and I bugged her quite a bit with my camera. And gave her all the cuddles, sweet words and treats I could of course! Thursday it was quite sunny, and she had a last time of rolling around on her beloved catnipplant outside in the sun, which I'm very happy with that she could do that one last time. In the evening and night she stayed with me the entire time, Sue and Dewey were nowhere to be found. Very special how they all seemed to pick up that something was going on. Bindi even went out of her comfortzone and gave me a special goodbye, but the next morning she sensed some was up and capturing her wasn never fun, but it really broke my heart this time. My sweet sister came to pick us up, and at the vet we didn't have to wait in the waitingroom but they straight away offered us an empty room. Bindi as usual went to hide in my clothes, and I held her on my lap, with her little face burried deep in my clothes. The vet came in and just gave her the anesthetic shot on my lap and left us, so Bindi could fall asleep on my lap quietly. After that she passed away peacefully on one of her favorite sweaters of mine. The vet took a moment as well to say goodbye to Bindi after she passed, she petted her and said sweet words to her, which was very touching to see. That evening both Sue and Dewey stayed with me the entire time, and every time I woke up during the night, they were there, ready to cuddle. Those 2 are awesome and are helping me loads right now. I'm thankful for every year I had with Bindi, that I got to see her grow and be less scared, and that I got to see her in a way none else did. She was a happy, oh so chatty, adorable little girl. She was so very amazing ♥