Bundle Monster 2010 Revised plateset *pic heavy*

Hey everyone! I remember when I just got back into polish again, and I started to discover stamping as well, I bought a few loose plates ánd my very first plateset. That set was the Bundle Monster 2010 set, and even though it was nice to start with, the full nail images were pretty small and most of the time my nails were too long for them! Especially after I got the 2011 set, the 2010 set started to collect dust, and I think that happened with the sets of a lot of people. But I always loved some of the images, and often thought "oh if only you were bigger"... I think Bundle Monster felt the same, because recently they decided to redo their 2010 set, and make most of the images a lot bigger! Today I have the review of them, so here it is, 2010 Revised :)

Here's the first mani I did with this new set, more on that below!

The set comes in a little resealable bag, the plates all have the blue protective film, and the plates have a protective cover at the back. The old set didn't have this yet (all later sets do have it!), and those plates are thinner and sharper.

The cherry French design at the bottom clearly shows the size difference, and I think these images also show a bit how the old set had thinner plates.

Bundle Monster says their French tips and full nail designs got bigger, but check that bottom right flower image! So some of the smaller images got bigger as well :)

And lastly, the improvement that makes me go yay! Look at the difference there! ♥ I of course added these new plates to my size comparison, that's at the bottom of this post.

Here are the plates on their own:

Catrice Enter The Undergrowth, A England Dragon and BM-023.

And let's take a trip down memory lane, here are some of my older manis (most are from 2010) all done with the original set :) Check out that green design I used above as well, I had to make it into a taped mani because the image was too small to fully cover my nails, but there's no need for that anymore! ^^

The full nail designs are now the same size as their latest sets, which is a perfect size for me!

Please check my Stamping Plate Sizes page for the up-to-date comparison!

Even though I'm very pleased with this 2010 Revised set, it isn't my favorite set, because you know I love my full nail images more than any and this set has less of those. But especially for all of you that love smaller images and French designs as well, this would be a great addition! I like how the set has such a huuuge variety of designs, from holiday designs to fruits and leaves, animals designs to geometrical, starry designs to tribals, you name it! Even if you already have the original set, this could be a nice set as well, because you get more use of a lot of these images.

You can buy this set, or the loose plates, at the Bundle Monster website. And if you want it, now is a perfect time to buy this set -or any other Bundle Monster products!- because Bundle Monster is having a Black Friday + Cyber Monday sale, and with code blackmonday you'll get an extra 15% off!

What do you think of the 2010 Revised set? :) Have a wonderful weekend and thanks for stopping by!

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