Incoco Jackpot

Hi guys, here's the last set of Incoco nail polish strips that I received, and wow, they're amazing!! Normally with glitter polish you'll have at least 3 coats, 2x glitter and 1x top coat, but we all know some glitters need 3 coats and a lot more top coat to get a smooth result. These strips however, have base/color/top in 1 thin, smooth, SPARKLY layer! ^^ And no messy cleanup either, awesome!

These strips are called Jackpot and they're from the Halloween collection, and the color is indeed perfect Halloween burnt orange. Here's a daylight pic that shows the color better, pretty right? But when you hold it near a lamp...woah! Magic right there!

See how thin and smooth this is, without top coat? And how neat they are near my cuticles? ♥

On a sidenote, if you're not so into strips because you prefer your own nail art, then you might like this great tip from one of my readers as well. Thanks a lot for sharing this, Anna! :)
"I used a nude coloured one & stamped over it just before Christmas last year as I knew I was going to be away from all my polish things. It lasted a full 10 days with only minimal wear on 1 or 2 nails."

Aren't these gorgeous?! Thanks for looking!

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