Bellisimo The Collection Clutch Set

Hey everyone! The collection I'm showing today has 6 polishes ánd a top and base coat. I received the Bellisimo Collection Clutch Set which comes with a white and gold clutch.

Photo credit: Bellisimo

It's a big post, so more after the jump!

Here's how the set looked when it arrived, it came in a nice box that already gave the feeling of opening a luxurious pressie!

Gotta love the sight of such pretty boxes! The little glassfile came with the set as well, you know I only use glassfiles and this size is perfect for in a handbag - or clutch of course :)

Now let's have a look at the polishes (excuse my nubbins!). I think these are classic shades, this collection has colors that can work well for any situation and for anyone, regardless of age or style. And with that, I think these make a great gift as well! I used 2 coats of each polish for my swatches, and I used both the top and base coat. All of these applied excellent! The description of the polishes comes from Bellisimo.

Calgary Flame
That pure, true red you've been searching for. "Statement" red. For hands. For toes. The quintessential color that can be quietly elegant or smokin' hot. Like you.

Bellisimo Calgary Flame

I'm sure it won't come as a surprise that I already have this shade of red in my stash, but this one still scores high for me, because of the application and nice coverage in 2 coats, while still having that squishy look!

Bellisimo Calgary Flame

Bellisimo Calgary Flame

Brisbane Beaches
All the shades of all the sands of all the beaches in the world. Blended together and warmed by the sun, then polished with a little pearl. Soft. Tawny. Almost feline. Oh, yes.

Bellisimo Brisbane Beaches

I noticed that this polish can be worn with 1 coat as well, for a more subtle effect, without getting streakes.

Bellisimo Brisbane Beaches

Jerusalem Stone
A soft, sheer hint of milky quartz. One coat completes a French manicure. Two give nails the smoky chic of polished moonstones. The perfect finishing touch.

Bellisimo Jerusalem Stone

Yep, this too is 2 coats of polish. Very nude indeed! But perfect for people that prefer a subtle effect on their nails, or as said, to finish a French with.

Bellisimo Jerusalem Stone

Naples Night Out
Deeply mysterious? Or playfully punk? It's all about attitude when you slip into this inky blend of midnight plums, purples, browns and black. Outrageously appealing.

Bellisimo Naples Night Out

Squishy, vampy & rich. Depending on the angle and light it indeed varies between the colors mentionned by Bellisimo.

Bellisimo Naples Night Out

Parisian Princess
A sweet, translucent pink. One coat breathes a breath of Spring; two coats add a touch more cover. Perfect for French manicures, or worn alone in rosy innocence.

Bellisimo Parisian Princess

Another subtle & sheer color, another one that's perfect for French manicures. I actually really enjoyed wearing this, did not see that coming! I'm not loving visible nail lines, but this looked so soft and cute :)

Bellisimo Parisian Princess

Portofino Pink
Our "OMG! Where did you get that shade!?" The pink of perfection with a silvery shimmer, it makes every hand look loving, gentle, waiting to be kissed. Think sun, sea and the Italian Riviera.

Bellisimo Portofino Pink

This was the odd one of the bunch for me, my favorite as well, but not a color that would come to mind when thinking of the more classic shades like the ones above! Very bright ánd unique thanks to that shimmer. I'm sure I'll be wearing this more often during Summer, such a fun shade with such a great application and coverage, which often isn't the case with bright pinks like it.

Bellisimo Portofino Pink

There you have it, the Bellisimo polishes! The ones not shown here are the top and base coat, but I'll share a bit about them.

Nourishing Base Coat
Good, strong start for an impeccable manicure. Nourishes. Hydrates. Guards against yellowing. Gives polish a smooth base to cling to.

What's important for me when using a base coat is the drying time, I don't want to sit around waiting for my base to dry, I want to start applying color! This one dried fast so I was happy with that. I can't say much yet about how well it nourishes and hydrates, but I can say that during my swatching, I had no staining whatsoever. But that could be the polish as well, they didn't stain on my skin either (especially reds leave a bit of color on me at times).

Glamorous Finishing Top Coat
Clear lavender finishing gloss seals in color and shine; ensures a lasting manicure. This protective overcoat takes an extra minute…but is well worth the time.

The top coat felt like it was pretty thin, but it didn't flood my cuticles or any and gave the result of a thicker top coat, which was nice! So it applied nicely and gave a glossy look. It didn't dry as fast as my usual top coat, but it wasn't as slow as some others either, and it dried fast enough for me to use it more often. Curious to see how it deals with nail art!


Now there's a story behind Bellisimo, and here's a part of it, written by the founder of Bellisimo, Jan:

"While building my first company, I was a struggling single mom who experienced first-hand the financial hardship of providing my daughter with a university education. I promised myself that one day I would help other single moms and their children – and that is the founding principal of Bellisimo! Today, I’m proud to say my daughter is a university graduate and a successful elementary school teacher.
During our lean years, beautiful nail lacquer was the one item I could afford to buy that let me look fashionable and made me feel good. Over the years I must have tried every brand, and one day I realized that I knew what worked - but finding great quality and great colors that could take you from season to season, well that was another story! So in 2010, I went to work to create a gorgeous, high quality lacquer line that was three-free (no formaldehyde, toluene or DBP) in shades that would compliment every woman’s hand and wardrobe and take her throughout the year, no matter what the fashion colors were. The result...Bellisimo! My love for beautiful nail lacquers and my desire to give back to single moms and their children merged. Our first product launch is of course, Bellisimo’s Signature Collection of luxury nail lacquers."

Bellisimo also helps out single moms and their children with 10% of its net profits to educational grants, which I think is wonderful! And I can totally understand what Jan said about nail polish, you can make it as cheap or expensive as you want, a bottle will last you for ages, it can make you feel good and pretty, and I think it's a nice little gift for yourself as well :)

These polishes sell for $15 each (10ml), or $150 for the whole set with the clutch.You can buy them all at the Bellisimo website.

What do you think of these? Thanks for looking! ♥

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