My top 10 of 2013: nail art

Hey everyone, this'll be my last post of the year so let me start by wishing you all a fantastic 2014!! I hope it'll be a year packed with great times with your loved ones, positive experiences, good health and amazing polishes of course!

Here's my top 10 of nail arts of the year, in random order.

I haven't done much of them, and I could use some more practice to get a perfect gradient on each nail, but I'm so loving the gradient stampings! Original post (with tutorial).

Sponged with Saran wrap, then stamped. Easy but I think it turned out great! Original post.

Another easy nail art, but with a lot of effect. All you need is something to make dots with, of course dotting tools are great but bobbing pins, toothpicks or even a pen will do too. Start with the big dots in all 3 colors, then fill in the gaps with medium dots in all 3 colors but leave space for the smallest to create a gradient effect, finish with small dots. Original post.

This took some more time, but I think it turned out nice as well :) Original post.

This was an easy pick for this list, I'm loving it, but so did you guys, and I've even seen a few manis inspired by it. That is such a huge compliment and always puts a big smile on my face, so thank you very much!! :) Original post.

My first gradient stamping just had to be on this list as well! :) Original post.

This is one of those things that I love the result of, but often find myself just going for the easy & fast stamping instead. Have to do these kind of things more often! Original post (with tutorial).

Loose glitters, a pointy thing to pick them up, and lots of patience! But with a great result :) Original post.

Loving the combo of the brushed metal effect polish with the stamp! Original post.

And lastly, the kind of stamping I never get tired of, simple and so my kind of thing! Original post.

Hope you enjoyed this post, is there any kind of nail art you'd like to see more of? :) Thanks for stopping by and have a great NYE all!