Time for some preview spam! With NYC, KOH & W.I.C. By Herôme

Howdy! I've received some press releases that I didn't post yet, so here they are all together. As always, most of the images are clickable for an enlargement.

Starting this preview with W.I.C. By Herôme Frosty Norway, available in January. (€5,99)

Then we have KOH Showtime!, also available in January. (€14,99)

NYC has a collection for the holidays called Future Shock. This collection also has a golden top coat (I think it's probably another fake gold leaf top coat), but unfortunately I don't have an image of that one. It's called Top of The Gold. These polishes are called A suitcase and a Donut, Red me the news & Money never sleeps. (€2,49 for the top coat and €2,99 for the polish)

NYC also brings out 3 shiny nail art stripers, they go by the name Show Time Nail Art. (€2,49)

What do you think? Frosty Norway sure looks interesting to me! Have a great weekend! ♥