My top 15 of 2014: Kittens!

Hey lovelies! Last post of the year, and it's packed with cute! I went with kittenpics that I posted here, if I had to choose from all the pics I posted on my fosterblog, it'd be a complete mission impossible, haha. I fostered 6 kittens this year, first I had 4 little brothers that needed to be bottlefed, then I got one with an amputated leg, and then we added a little friend for him, which turned out to be a bit more scared than we first thought. I just had a few days break in between the brothers and the later 2, so I had a fosterbreak after. Then my Dewdew had some medical issues, and now that that's all sorted there's luckily very little kittens in need of a fosterhome left!

Starting with 2 Instagram photos of the 4 little brothers, Tristram (towel), Arthur (green), Lancelot (white), Perceval (red)

And Tris' hobby was scream LOADS at start, poor thing. It was really sad to see, because I couldn't give him what he was looking for, and he had such a loud & squeeky voice! But he was also the one that turned into the biggest cuddle for me and the one that I miss the most from these, he became really special for me :)

2 of them sleeping together, aww!

Arthur after I had to wash him, he still wasn't fully dry here. They were great at making a mess :D

Dew seldomly sleeps with fosterkittens, so this was extra special for me ♥ Arthur on his last day here

Doesn't matter what kittens want (play usually), if Dewey wants to wash, he'll just pin 'em down or grab their little necks with both paws to hold them in place, lol!

The kittens loved this! Dew? Not so much... :D He didn't last long here, haha, can't blame him!

Lancelot near the end of his stay, they looked so HUGE compared to those tiny muppets I took in!

Tris loved sleeping on me or just in my hands like this, and I just sat there holding him at those moments, enjoying those special, heartwarming times SO much! Seriously, how can you not fall in love if a kitten falls asleep like this? And that belly! *squeee!*

But he stayed a little screamer at times, haha! I love his meowface :)

I haven't heard anything from these 4 in quite a while, but last I heard was from the shelter and they all seem to do well! :) Of course I would love to see a pic of them now, and hear how they're doing, but that's part of fostering and in the end all that matters is that they're doing well in their homes!

Next up was Mobi, energetic, happy, and oh so positive! Even though he must've suffered quite a bit and they had to amputate his frontleg around 5 weeks old already, if I think of him that's not the first that comes to mind at all. I don't think I'll ever forget his positive spirit, that made quite an impression!

Such a happy little cutie! :)

But because Mobi was so overenthusiastic towards Dew and just wanted to play, we felt it would be good for him to get a little friend of his own age, and that became Colin. Both are doing fine I assume, Mobi adapted really fast to his new home as well :) I think Colin is doing fine too, last I heard was from the shelter and that sounded positive. The actual adoption process didn't go as well and his goodbye was quite difficult (which is why I never did a final post on him on either one of my blogs), and even more so because he was the 2nd kitten of the season that stole my heart just a little bit more... He really made me doubt a lot, if it had been a better match with my cats he'd still be here ♥

Colin was quite scared at first, but as these pics show, he got through all that just fine!

Little Wolverine, this was one of those shots that just turned out well if you ask me!

There's SO much more kittenpics that could've ended up here, but I figured 15 would do already, haha. It was nice to look back a bit, I hope you enjoyed this fuzzy post too!

I wish you all a great evening (and hopefully not too stressful for your beloved pets), a fantastic New Year with lots of love, happiness, and memorable moments! Thanks for reading and you'll see me next year! :)

My top 10 of 2014: Nail art

I didn't have as much variation in this year's nail art manis, but I just never get tired of a nice stamping combo! So this top 10 (in random order) has a lot of those manis :) Stampy stampy! ♥

You know how I often go for tone-on-tone or colors that you just know will match well, so this combo was a bit unusual for me, but I really liked it! Original post.

Randomly sponged and white stamping. Love it! Original post.

Would've preferred smaller white dots, but that polish and image matched SO well if you ask me :) Original post.

This image and colors just worked for me! Original post.

Tape, glitters & rhinestones gave this combo, I think the glitters worked well for a taped mani! 1 thin layer gave a lot of result and still gave a smooth, even finish without trouble. Original post.

I love this image, ánd I love stamping with Rose Bower! Original post.

This mani was definitely one of my favorites, lalalove it! Original post.

Stamped with a holo on my favorite taupe :) Original post.

Simple gradient with added glitter polish, pretty simple but such a bright & happy combo! Original post.

Subtle golden shimmery base with golden stamping :) Original post.

There were 2 manis that didn't make it, but gave me a hard time choosing... So I'm just gonna sneak them in here ^^ Uptown Girl with Rose Bower & Beautiful Lie with black stamping.

Hope you enjoyed this post, and I'd love to hear what your favorite is! Tomorrow I'll post my fav kitten pics, what better way to end the year than with cute fuzzy kittens ♥

My top 10 of 2014: Polishes

Howdy! I can tell you straight away that this post is pretty much all about Dance Legend, there's plenty other polishes that I swatched this year, but none is alike what they come out with ♥ I do absolutely love cremes, subtle shimmer, more neutral polishes and all that as well, but for a top 10 I simply can't resist going for the DL polishes. It still wasn't an easy pick though, I mean, how can you choose between all that multichrome-meets-holo madness! So here's my top 10 of this morning, maybe it'll look different later, haha. A lot of these polishes look different depending on the angle and light, check out the full posts for more swatches if you're interested :) In random order, my top 10!

A England Fotheringhay Castle. I haven't even seen this beauty in sunlight, and it's not my usual color, but this was an easy pick nevertheless! A England is another brand that keeps bringing us awesome polishes, and I had a bunch of them in my first sorting. If this post was a top 20, there would be a lot more of A England for sure! :)

Here's already one of the DL polishes, multichrome with holographic particles, gotta love their combos! Dance Legend Comet Tail.

Another A England polish, another gem in a bottle. Perfect application, works for stamping, just what we're used to from AE! I ended up choosing this over Sleeping Palace, because I love wearing this as pedi as well. But in case you're interested, Sleeping Palace is also shown in this post: A England Rose Bower.

Dance Legend Milky Way. The full post shows well how different this polish can look, you see the darker, toned down side of it here. This polish was a good test for my new camera as well. I've learned a lot more about my camera and photographing in general lately, interesting for sure but it also makes me want all kinds of expensive photography stuff, oops!

This polish made it to my top 10 because I had this on my toes SO much this year! It just needed 2 coats, no top/base, and it lasted very long like that. Sparkly, holo, summery color, Dance Legend Holy Diver is my kinda pedi color!

And now, the polish that made me post more swatches than any other polish: Dance Legend #48. Where to start! It goes from soft multichrome to holographic-with-golden-glow, and anything in between :)

A holo in multichrome disguise... Or would it be the other way around? Here it looks like a pretty holo, but take away the sun and you got yourself a pretty multichrome instead! And of course, half the time it looks a bit like both =) Dance Legend Different View.

Dance Legend Big Bang, another one of those multichrome with holo sparkles beauties! I can add a lot more here, but the pic shows enough, right? :)

What's this, a non-DL polish? Oh yes! It's one of the Sugar Nails polishes, even though I haven't worn much textured polishes lately, I'm definitely not tired of them, and here's one of my favorites: IsaDora Ocean Crush.

And I guess it doesn't come as a surprise that the last one is a DL polish as well :) Dance Legend Neptune, blue holo perfection!

Well, there you have it, my top 10 :) What are your picks of the year, any polish that you tried and won a spot in your top straight away like some of these did for me? Tomorrow I'll post my nailart top, and I have a kitten top post planned as well... but I doubt I'll stick to 10 pics there, haha. Thanks for looking and take care ♥

Christmas on my nails!

Hey lovelies, I've shown this mani before in a guest post a few years ago, but it's my favorite Xmas mani, so time to show it again! Not the sharpest pics, I wasn't in the mood to mess too much with my cam's settings or to drag the tree near the window, haha! But I'm sure you get the idea anyway :)

China Glaze Jolly Holly with China Glaze Party Hearty and BornPrettyStore Super Matte

China Glaze Jolly Holly with China Glaze Party Hearty and BornPrettyStore Super Matte.

China Glaze Jolly Holly with China Glaze Party Hearty and BornPrettyStore Super Matte

Party Hearty is pretty much the ultimate Christmas polish if you ask me! I'm so glad I managed to get a backup, I used quite a bit of my original bottle already (also in my polished ornaments). If you have these polishes, try them together sometime, they really give me the Christmas feel straight away! And I just looove this combo mattified :)

I wish you all a wonderful time with your loved ones in the coming days (also if you don't celebrate the holidays)! With lots of polish under the tree as well :D Merry Christmas all! ♥

China Glaze Jolly Holly with China Glaze Party Hearty and BornPrettyStore Super Matte

Holo drops

Morning all :) This mani was quick & easy, and the polishes that I used impressed me! The base was a matt look polish, but I found it more of a rubbery finish, not really matte. It also showed ridges on my nails very well, so I wasn't loving that as much. But I think it's a lovely color, and it covered in 2 coats, which applied very nice ánd dried fast! The holographic that I used for stamping was way more holo than I expected and when I applied it on a swatchstick, I knew it would do the trick for stamping, so yay for that! I'll show swatches of it sometime soon as well, and I might have to pick up more of these ^^

HEMA Matt 825 with HEMA Holographic Bordeaux 56 and Pueen plate 06

HEMA Matt 825 with HEMA Holographic Bordeaux 56 and Pueen plate 06.

HEMA Matt 825 with HEMA Holographic Bordeaux 56 and Pueen plate 06

Have a great day! ♥

HEMA Matt 825 with HEMA Holographic Bordeaux 56 and Pueen plate 06

Wing & roses with oNecklace

Good afternoon :) I often feel very happy with my blog and what it has brought me throughout the years, not just because it's a nice hobby, but also because people are showing interest in what I do here and every like, share, comment, it all feels great! ♥ But if that's not enough, my blog sometimes makes me feel lucky and oh so spoiled as well, because of the review opportunities that I get! Today I have a different review, no polish swatches, but a beautiful necklace from oNecklace. And further down there's a 10% off code for you as well :)

Catrice England's Rose with A England Excalibur Renaissance and Konad plate m65 oNecklace sterling silver wing necklace

Isn't it lovely? ♥ But this is of course a nail polish blog, so I made a mani to go with it :) I wanted to go for stamped wings, but either I didn't look good enough, or I actually don't have an image like this necklace! So I picked a rose image instead.

Catrice England's Rose with A England Excalibur Renaissance and Konad plate m65 oNecklace sterling silver wing necklace

Catrice England's Rose with A England Excalibur Renaissance and Konad plate m65.

Catrice England's Rose with A England Excalibur Renaissance and Konad plate m65 oNecklace sterling silver wing necklace

The necklace that I'm showing here is a Sterling silver wing necklace (with the matching silver marks on all parts), with a 20" rolo chain. It costs $34.95 and you can find it here.
oNecklace has a lot of personalized jewelry with names, monograms or engraved names, all made to your wishes, and it took me quite a bit of browsing before I made up my mind! But in the end I just couldn't resist this wing :)

Catrice England's Rose with A England Excalibur Renaissance and Konad plate m65 oNecklace sterling silver wing necklace

The necklace came in a beautiful box and they added a bag as well, great for when you want to give a product to someone else - or to spoil yourself a little extra of course :) You can choose to have the box and bag added to your order as well.

Catrice England's Rose with A England Excalibur Renaissance and Konad plate m65 oNecklace sterling silver wing necklace

And I'm happy to say that I get to share a 10% off code with you, it'll work on all their products, so have a look at oNecklace :) Code: shinies10

Catrice England's Rose with A England Excalibur Renaissance and Konad plate m65 oNecklace sterling silver wing necklace

I hope you enjoyed this post, thanks for looking and take care!

The product(s) in this post was/were send to me for review. For more information, please have a look at my Disclosure Policy.

Essence for Spring and Summer 2015 - Preview *pic heavy*

Hi all, I already showed you the upcoming Catrice changes yesterday, and today it's Essence's turn! These products will be in stores late Februari. And just like Catrice, Essence has brought out a gel set as well, with a base and top coat that don't require a lamp. But Essence has also added 46 polishes to go with that gel set! Some of those do look quite familiar though, I'm not sure how different they are. Anyway, let's have a look! :)

As always, you can click the images for an enlargement, and if you wish to know more about a product, don't hesitate to ask!

Top row: truth or dare? - i don't need money, honey! - lady mermaid - #rebel
Bottom row: the black cat - awesome blossoms - let stars rain down on me! - let stars rain down on me!

Top row: cupcake topping - pure soul - baby doll - hope for love
Bottom row: crunchy cake - i ** it - walk on the white side - i'm lost in you

As you may remember, I had some problems with the ads on my blog in combination with using the word nude, so to prevent me from using it too often in this post, I replaced it with **. Thanks for your understanding :)

Top row: do nuts - so lucky - sun is smiling - i'm so fluffy
Bottom row: yummy gummy - sweet at first sight - bubble bath - sparkles in a bottle

Top row: the gel nail polish base coat - the gel nail polish top coat - blurry up! - matt about you!
Bottom row: like love birds - a hint of mint - bee my honey!

Top row: yummiiii! - black is back - do you speak love? - on air! - absolute pure

Top row: true love - bubble gum - give me **, baby! - our sweetest day
Bottom row: sweet as candy - party princess - whatever! - #lucky

Top row: indigo to go - ever young - mandarine bay - forgive me
Bottom row: hey, love! - fame fatal - juicy love - i don't care!

Top row: don't be shy! - beautiful lies - a whisper of spring - i love my blue jeans
Bottom row: wonderfuel - indian summer - prince charming - brazil jungle

Top row: hello sunshine - #paradise - let's get lost - electriiiiiic
Bottom row: discreet agent - wild white ways - candy love - engaged

Top row: girl's best friend - dare it ** - serendipity - love is in the air
Bottom row: blue bubble di blue - play with my mint - kiss me, freddy - frozen kiss