Pointy tips with BPS glequins

Howdy! Here's a mani I did with small BornPrettyStore glequins, more on them below, but let's see how that turned out first!

China Glaze Sweet Hook with Color Club Uptown Girl and BPS glequins.

As you can see, this set of glequins has plenty colors to choose from! I went with the magenta pink ones on the right for this mani.

Swatches of Sweet Hook.

There are 6 different sets that come in these cute little bottles, you can choose between bar glitters, hexagonal glitter (as I'm showing today), various shapes glitter, diamond shaped glitter, nail beads and loose glitterpowder. Each set comes in 12 different colors, these hexagonal glitters come in 6 solid colors and 6 see-through ones that shift color, as you can see below. I think those see-through blue ones will be excellent for a sea inspired mani!

I also compared them to a BornPrettyStore glequin set I've reviewed before (you can check out that review and how to apply them here), I think those little jars are easier to open and the glitters can be used straight from the cap, which does work a bit easier. With these I pulled the top of the little bottle and gently tapped the bottle so a bit of glitter fell out, onto my placemat, and then I took it from there. Wasting a bit of glitter isn't something to worry about with either of these sets, they both contain sooo much glitter!
The jars do have larger glitters, and almost all colors in that set are solid. I prefer solid colored, smaller glitters, haha, so a mix of both! So it depends what you prefer, but I think both sets are nice to have and can of course be combined as well :) One thing to note though, the colors of the set that I received aren't completely the same as the colors of the set shown on the website!

You can find this set (and the other 5 sets) here, the set with 12 bottles costs $4,59, and with coupon code ABJ61 you'll get 10% off.

I think glequins are great, they can be used in so many different ways (glittery French, framed nails, details on stamping, ...), but I especially love them as I showed above to complement a taped mani. Perfect, crisp clean lines aren't needed, and if you have a steady hand you won't even need tape, because these glequins will cover up the lines anyway! What do you think of glequins, and do you prefer smaller ones like shown here, or the bigger, the better? :)

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