Blue giraffe and a huge stamper!

Morning :) After a great trip to the always lovely Sweden and being hooked on Diablo 3's expansion, I figured it was time for some nails in between! BornPrettyStore send me some more items for review, including a doublesided stamper with scrapers. A big stamper was on my wishlist for a while now, I have some images that are too big for my beloved Konad doublesided stamper, and my thumbnails are usually a bit too big as well, so I have to double stamp them. A big stamper would solve those things, so I was eager to try this one out! Here's what I did with it:

Look at the size of that thing, lol! Let's have a closer look at this stamper/scrapers set:

The small part of the stamper is the same size as Konad's small stamper, but the big one is obviously not the same size! One thing I noticed straight away though, that big stamper is very shiny, and I had doubts it would work well like this... More on that below!
The scrapers that come with this set are slightly bigger than Konad's scraper (the scraping part, that is), 1 has a thicker scraping part, the smaller one has a thin scraping part.

First I tried the scrapers, but let me start by saying that I always use a metal scraper! I know a lot of people use old creditcards and things alike, which won't damage your plate like metal scrapers do, but that just won't work for me. So the results that I got with these plastic scrapers might be my fault though, if you're used to plastic, they might work great for you!

Left is the smallest scraper, I tried it several times, but it didn't feel fully smooth so it left thin stripes. They're also on the image, so getting a clean transfer would be quite tricky for me with this one.
Middle is the bigger scraper, wobbly wobbly! I tried several times but kept getting the same result. But again, that might be my inexperience with plastic scrapers :)
Right is 1 swoop with the Konad metal scraper, I often scrape a few times but as you can see, with just 1 scrape I already get the best result.

Left: I already mentionned above that the big stamp looked way too shiny to me, and here's how it transferred, not well at all! However, I always advise to give new stampers a gentle filing to roughen the surface a little (just once, before the first use only), with this one I filed just a little bit more than usual, and with a bit coarser file. The shine disappeared and it looked like the usual rubber after that.
Middle: and the difference is quite clear! It now works great, and the image is from a DRK plate, the biggest images in my collection. I didn't aim well, but it's clear it fits fully, yay!
Right: I have miniature nails compared to that thing! :P It'll be perfect for my thumbs, for girls with longer nails and for those big images :)

China Glaze Seahorsin' Around with China Glaze Little Drummer Boy and DRK-A.

I just stamped on the mani that I was wearing, Seahorsin' Around, which is a bit beyond my camera. But I have a new phone, and tried out that camera as well, and I think the results were quite good! I suspect it might be better than my usual cam if I get a nice app and play a bit more with it, so I'll go look at apps sometime. Suggestions are always welcome for Android :)

These 2 pics were just some quick testpics taken with my new phone, they're still not fully color accurate, but I'm definitely loving my phone even more now ♥ If you have these polishes, try them together sometime, I think they work well like that :)

Anyway, back to the stamper and scrapers! You can buy the set for $4,46 at BornPrettyStore, don't forget to use couponcode ABJ61 for 10% off!

What do you think of stamped textures? I think they work best with coarser images like tigerstripes of these giraffe spots, and I'm really enjoying the look of it :) Thanks for stopping by!

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