Berry decals

Heyhey :) First things first, fosterkittens! I have sooo much pics already but haven't gotten to sorting them, feeding and caring for those 4 eats up a lot of time! But they're doing great, except the smallest one, he hasn't had any bowel movement yet and it's taking too long :( I have to help them by massaging (normally their mum would do so) but it's not working with him, so he's got some meds now to help with that. Hope it'll help very quickly and I can be all yay about that, haha, else he'll have to go to the vet I'm afraid. Until I get to sorting pics, I did post a few on my Instagram already, so I'll just be lazy and post those here now too:)

Here are all 4 of them, 3 came with a different ribbon around their neck to keep them apart, lol! They're starting to show more personality now, which helps, but if I don't see the ribbons I still end up mistaking one for another at times. Their age is estimated, and according to that, they were exactly 1 month old yesterday! :)

Here's a closer pic of one that I took when I just got them, the rest went to sleep in the basket straight away, while he was sitting in the front looking around a bit. They still have the blue eyes, wonder what color they'll end up with!

And here's the smallest one which I'm a bit worried about now. Please send some positive thoughts to this little guy! :)

But enough of those oh so adorable bundles of joy for now, I have to feed them soon again, so back to nails! =) When BornPrettyStore mailed me the items I've been showing recently, they also added some decals, so I ended up doing a quick mani with one of the sets.

Essence Very Berry with BPS decals.

Essence Very Berry with BPS decals.

Essence Very Berry with BPS decals.

The polish color is most accurate on the first pic, but the 2nd shows the purple of the decals better. Really enjoyed the look of these little flowers on my nails! :)

 Above you see the sets that I received, but I don't see myself using the blue sheets as quickly, so I figured to show them here as well. For my mani I only picked the purple flowers, but there are enough decals on the sheet to apply 2 to each nail.

If you're not sure how using water decals works, here's how I applied them and here's where you can find the decals over at BPS! These flower decals cost $2.86, but as always, you can use coupon code ABJ61 for 10% off.

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