Messy Mansion and Lily Anna plates!

Morning! Messy Mansion recently released 5 new plates and Lily Anna also added a new one to the collection. I hadn't tried these brands before (I only drooled over their images), so I felt very lucky when a package from Messy Mansion landed on my doormat, allll the way from the other side of the world! :D I already showed you an image from one of them in my previous post, and here's a mani with a softer result:

W.I.C. By Herôme Örebro with Catrice Be Pool and Lily Anna 09.

Let's look at the plates! I received 3 of the new MM plates and the LA plate, they all come in a plastic cover and the front has a protective blue cover as well. There's nothing on the back of the plates, but they weren't sharp either.

Lily Anna 09 (you can click the image for an enlargement).
You can find the Lily Anna plates here, they're $10 each. I'm sure it doesn't come as a surprise that this is totally my kind of plate, loving such images! :)

Lily Anna 09

Messy Mansion plates MM33, MM37 & MM38.
Check out the whole MM series here! They're $7 each. Aren't these totally unique? Not only the plates are bigger than your average plates (please note, I don't have a real platefolder but these did not fit in my cardfolder!), look at the size of some of these images, they're huge as well! A perfect brand for girls with longer nails :)

Messy Mansion MM33

This was the plate I used for my previous mani, aren't those rockets cute? I think it's great how the MM plates that I received all have a specific subject, if you're into something, you won't end up with images of something else that you might never use!

Messy Mansion MM37

Arrr! They be some great pirate-y images for yer stash, aye! ... Yeah... I'm sorry, I couldn't resist! :D If you're into pirates, this plate is so perfect for you, it has it all!

Messy Mansion MM38

Owlllllll! (Thanks to zefrank I can't say owl anymore) Look at the size of that bottom image, woah! I like how this plate offers adorable owls in various styles, from cute to more realistic :)

W.I.C. By Herôme Örebro with Catrice Be Pool and Lily Anna 09.

W.I.C. By Herôme Örebro with Catrice Be Pool and Lily Anna 09.

W.I.C. By Herôme Örebro with Catrice Be Pool and Lily Anna 09.

The quality of these plates is great, I got nice, clean transfers on the images that I tried so far, and I don't expect anything else from the other images :) And here are these plates added to my comparison, but as you could see above, the full nail images vary a lot in size! So it's really the average of them, not all images on the plates are as big as shown here.

Thanks for looking and take care! :)

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