Bright, round glitters... love them!

Hi guys! :) BornPrettyStore send me some glitters for review, and I think these might work great for making your own glitter top coat, but I barely have any experience with frankening polish. So I just placed them on my nails instead! The glitters come in 2 sizes and various matte colors, from very bright to neon, and that little pot with glitter has fun written all over it! :)

Essence Perfectly True with BPS round glitters.

Essence Perfectly True with BPS round glitters.

BPS round glitters.

The colors are a little bit more accurate here, but that's as far as my camera can handle the brightness! Just imagine them (almost) neon :) The little pot is the same size as the pots that these hexagonal glitters from BPS come in, and I've applied these glitters the same way as well. They're also great if you struggle with dotting (like my left hand, haha!), or when you don't have various bright colors to dot with.

I tried to capture the colors on my nails a bit better, still not perfect, but this pic hopefully gives you a better idea! They come in orange, blue, purple, green, yellow, light pink, dark pink and coral pink. I really like this fun look ♥ The glitters did soften a little bit in color from the top coat, but they didn't bleed color, and I also preferred the softened look!

Essence Perfectly True with BPS round glitters.

I went for a simple white as basecolor, I'm sure these work great on other colors as well, but some colors are a little bit see-through (noticed it with the green and yellow). Not a problem at all, unless you want to use them to cover up a line between 2 colors. I started with a grey/white taped mani, and wanted to apply these over the line, but then you could see the grey come through a bit. If the whole nail would've been grey, I wouldn't have noticed it though. Anyway, that's just a very minor downside if you ask me, and I totally love these glitters!

Essence Perfectly True with BPS round glitters.

These glitters cost $3.71 for a jar and you can find them here on the BPS website. Don't forget to use code ABJ61 for 10% off! I'd love to hear what you think of this mani! :) Thanks for stopping by and have a great Sunday!

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She Walks In Beauty

The last A England polish that I didn't show you yet is She Walks In Beauty, and here we have it on itself and combined with Iseult :)

A England She Walks In Beauty

A England She Walks In Beauty.

A England She Walks In Beauty

A England: "An intricate and complex mix of large and small rose-coloured hexagonal glitter in a shimmering pale golden base that colour-shifts with light and movement"

This was 3 thin coats with top coat. At first you might think it's a golden shimmery base with pink glitter, but there's so much more going on! At times the base even looks like it has a bit blue-purple in it. This polish really has a few different looks, depending on the angle and on the light, just as Adina said in the description :)

A England She Walks In Beauty

I used the brush with barely any polish on it to gently dab from the tips to the middle, then rinse and repeat but kept going less high on the nail, to create a gradient. I used Iseult as base, which I've showed here a few years ago. The blurple color in the base that I mentionned above shows a little bit here, but it's more visible at times in real life! I like it when a glitter polish can be worn in several ways, that it covers well enough to be worn alone but is also sheer enough to use as layering polish or for gradients, and SWIB offers that!

A England Iseult with She Walks In Beauty

A England Iseult with She Walks In Beauty.

A England Iseult with She Walks In Beauty

What do you think of this polish? :) As always, you can find it on the A England website! Thanks for looking and have a wonderful weekend!

The product(s) in this post was/were send to me for review. For more information, please have a look at my Disclosure Policy.

Geometric in holo

Morning all! Hurray for unposted manis, gives me something to post while my cuticle heals from a little encounter with a kittenclaw, haha! The little knights are doing great, they had their shots and chips yesterday and after sleeping for a long time to recover from their trip to the vet, they were back in action, racing around my house like nothing ever happened! :) I'll get some visitors this afternoon, so hopefully that means another adoption. The first 2 will leave on Friday next week, so I'll have 1.5 weeks of cuddling to do to say goodbye to those cuties. Today I don't have more kittenpics for you, back to nails, and as the title says, this time with a little bit of holo. Can't go wrong with that, right? :)

OPI Rumple's Wiggin' with A England Fonteyn and Bundle Monster plate 414.

OPI Rumple's Wiggin' with A England Fonteyn and Bundle Monster plate 414.

OPI Rumple's Wiggin' with A England Fonteyn and Bundle Monster plate 414.

As you can see, Fonteyn also works great for stamping, just as the other polishes I showed in this post! Even though it's holo ánd stamping, the result is still a bit soft thanks to the basecolor. Next time I'm going for a darker base :) Thanks for looking and take care ♥

Still not done with the kittens!

I hope you don't mind some more kittenpics? :) Gives me some time to catch up with sorting nailpics as well, haha!

Tristram stealing my heart, awwww! He sleeps like this more often, or even when I hold him like this in both my hands (but I obviously can't make a pic of that :P) and then he purrs like mad with his eyes closed, all relaxed ♥

Tris having fun on the scratchingpole

And his normal face, such a cutie!

Tris likes to drink a bottle in his sleep, but being a bit upsidedown made his tongue hang out :)

As usual, kittens (Arthur in this case) want to play, Dewey wants to wash. I guess it's clear who ends up getting what he wants, those paws are no match for a kitten! :D

Together in the basket :)

Arthur having a look at my camera :)

Tristram being chatty as always!

Lancy upside down on my lap, aww!

Arthur and Tris ♥

Yep, that's little T once more! :D

Hope you enjoyed my kitten posts, thanks for stopping by :)

More kitten pics

Let the kittenspam continue! :D

Lancelot on the couch

Perceval sleeping on the couch (And no, that's not the accurate color of my wall, I can't capture that color! And yes, that bugs me :P)

They discovered the scratchingpole and are loving the hanging basket :) Perce wanted to sleep here, but Lance had other plans! ^^

Tristram and Arthur showing off their kittenfur... It's so fluffeh! Love it!

Tristram being cute as always

Playing with 3 of them :) Arthur left, Tristram middle, Lancelot right

Poor Tris :P

Perceval and Artsy having fun on the heater

Thanks for stopping by :)

Time for a kitten update!

Hi all! I've been working on my fosterblog today, added a bunch of posts and have some scheduled as well, which means I'm finally up-to-date again (I'll just ignore the fact that there's more pics on my phone and camera, lol). So how about a little update here as well! :) Both Perceval and Lancelot are adopted, next week they'll get their shots and chips and the week after (if all stays well) they'll move already! I heard today that there's people interested in Tristram as well, so hopefully he'll find a home soon too, and then it's just Arthur left. Fingers crossed that those 2 will find homes soon! :) And they're doing awesome, so happy to see how they've grown up! (Yeah, I know they're still tiny, but they feel huge already, haha!)

Perceval ♥

Lancelot turned into the biggest one of them, Perceval the smallest (in weight). Arthur and Tris are doing fine with that, but I can't get over Lance though... with 7 weeks old he was already 1040 gram, that's the weight that matches a few weeks older! :D

Lance loves to eat, here he fell asleep with his head in the foodbowl :)

Arthur at the top, Tris middle, Lance right

It's a bit tricky to get a nice pic of Lancy, he's so curious :)

Tris left and Artsy right, having fun with a toy mouse


Lancelot and Arthur, Lance being his usual charming self :)

Little T asleep ♥

Perce and Lance

Dewey washing Lancelot, he still loves to wash kittens!

But Lancy was more interested in his tail! Too bad I didn't capture Dew's head, he really looked like 'huh, where did it go? :o' haha!

So cute sleeping together ♥

I'll schedule some kittenposts here too, so if you'd like to see more of them, check back in the coming days! Or if you really like to see everything of them, have a look at my fosterblog. Have a wonderful weekend and take care :)

Heart Explosion

Morning all! Here's a quick post with some glitters from the vault, because I need to get back to paying attention to the 4 little muppets that took over my house! :)

Essence Heart Explosion

Essence Heart Explosion.

Essence Heart Explosion with top coat

Heart Explosion looked so promising, but unfortunately it's another one of those wannabe-textures! Yes there's some texture, but I think you know what I mean? When I think of textured polish I think of very gritty, very matte, very quick dry! And I do really enjoy those, ánd the colors in this polish, so I think it's a shame it's not one of those textured polishes. It could've easily been one of my favorites then! :)

Essence Heart Explosion

I applied a coat of ridgefiller and a thin coat of top coat, which very easily gave a very smooth finish. I'm not sure how well that combo dries (I just did some quick swatches, I didn't wait till it was 100% dry), but first impression of using a ridgefiller to smooth out glitters is great! :)

Essence Heart Explosion with top coat

With top coat it looks very pretty, a bit hard to capture though. But I think this was 3 coats of polish + ridgefiller + top coat, which is a bit too much for my liking for a basic mani, so I don't think I'll be using this one often!
What do you think of these kind of textures? Thanks for looking :)