Random kitten spam :)

Yep, it's that time again! I still have loads of pics on my phone (to a point where I'm scared to put them on my pc, there's soooo many, haha!) but I do have a few I made with my camera instead of my phone yesterday. The other pics can be found on my foster kitten blog, these will be added there at some point as well, but I'm taking it from the start there :)

Look at the difference that 1.5 weeks made! Little (King) Arthur here is the only one still wearing a ribbon around his neck, I can hold the other 2 apart now without much problems, but he's a bit alike both! I can usually tell, but I rather not take any risk yet until they're a bit older and I don't track their weights and stuff anymore :)

With a bit of canned food still stuck to his nose, and his behind still slightly wet from being washed. If you're a kitten, eating seems to be most comfortable when lying flat on your belly in the food, and Arthur happens to be a pro!

He fell asleep while playing ♥ And yes, the first 2 pics here have the whiskers of another kitten on it as well, they still enjoy sleeping on a pile :)

Perceval shows that they're practicing their backs and sideway walks, here he backed up sideways into the couch, the movement of my camera made him slightly cuckoo! :)

I'm not sure why his eyes look thát huge on the pic, they were looking big and playful irl, but not like this! And no, I did not squeeze him or any :P He was the biggest of them all, is now the smallest (in weight), but I think that's also because he's moving around a lot more than he used to. The backlegs have improved a bit I think, but it's still not good, although he recovers faster as well it seems. And yes, practicing funky kittentricks is extra hard when your legs have a will of their own at times, haha! I'm keeping my fingers crossed, but I have good hope that it'll be ok in the end :)

And here's the star of this photoshoot, Tristram. He's the one that clearly misses a mum the most, poor thing. And his toilet routine isn't as it should be yet either, I hope that improves quickly! And yes he's small, but boy does he pack an attitude!
Little example, Dew was behind the couch the other day and Tristram heard him but couldn't see him. Then Dew jumped over the couch and landed next to little T here, who didn't see that coming and lost his balance. Got up straight away, and slapped Dewdew! Dewey turned around wondering what tickled his leg, and got a slap against his face, haha! Not even 5 weeks old vs 4.5kg adult, brave little boy :)

Here he was snoozing on the ground, when he had to get up because Lancelot started to play with him

I'm not sure, but I think he wanted me to stop Lancy or some, haha! Look at those eyes!

Here's Lancelot alone, he wasn't working along nicely when I made pics, he's too curious! :) Arthur and Lance are the ones that are a bit ahead on Perceval and Tristram, they're the biggest, understand eating a lot better, and are just doing great! But all 4 of them keep me busy last few days, they went from a eat-sleep-eat-sleep-play-sleep kinda routine to a lot more playtime and discovering. And then preferably all on their own, in a different area of the living room, doing things they aren't supposed to :D But they still love to play together as well, and they absolutely love to keep me company too! Nothing beats sitting on the couch with 4 snoozy purring kittens on your lap ♥

Lancelot with Tristram in the background

And here they are side by side

Tristram is the most vocal, and he has quite a high pitched squeaky sound that he just loves to spam! Oh my poor ears :P

And here's how that looked 1.5 weeks ago :)

Yep, they're starting to realize that there's sharp pointy things on their paws now too, luckily tiny scratches heal fast, haha!

And here's Tristram when he's sleepy :)

The names came from the King Arthur legend, inspired by A England :) Hope you enjoyed this furry spam, thanks for looking & take care! ♥