Still not done with the kittens!

I hope you don't mind some more kittenpics? :) Gives me some time to catch up with sorting nailpics as well, haha!

Tristram stealing my heart, awwww! He sleeps like this more often, or even when I hold him like this in both my hands (but I obviously can't make a pic of that :P) and then he purrs like mad with his eyes closed, all relaxed ♥

Tris having fun on the scratchingpole

And his normal face, such a cutie!

Tris likes to drink a bottle in his sleep, but being a bit upsidedown made his tongue hang out :)

As usual, kittens (Arthur in this case) want to play, Dewey wants to wash. I guess it's clear who ends up getting what he wants, those paws are no match for a kitten! :D

Together in the basket :)

Arthur having a look at my camera :)

Tristram being chatty as always!

Lancy upside down on my lap, aww!

Arthur and Tris ♥

Yep, that's little T once more! :D

Hope you enjoyed my kitten posts, thanks for stopping by :)