Time for a kitten update!

Hi all! I've been working on my fosterblog today, added a bunch of posts and have some scheduled as well, which means I'm finally up-to-date again (I'll just ignore the fact that there's more pics on my phone and camera, lol). So how about a little update here as well! :) Both Perceval and Lancelot are adopted, next week they'll get their shots and chips and the week after (if all stays well) they'll move already! I heard today that there's people interested in Tristram as well, so hopefully he'll find a home soon too, and then it's just Arthur left. Fingers crossed that those 2 will find homes soon! :) And they're doing awesome, so happy to see how they've grown up! (Yeah, I know they're still tiny, but they feel huge already, haha!)

Perceval ♥

Lancelot turned into the biggest one of them, Perceval the smallest (in weight). Arthur and Tris are doing fine with that, but I can't get over Lance though... with 7 weeks old he was already 1040 gram, that's the weight that matches a few weeks older! :D

Lance loves to eat, here he fell asleep with his head in the foodbowl :)

Arthur at the top, Tris middle, Lance right

It's a bit tricky to get a nice pic of Lancy, he's so curious :)

Tris left and Artsy right, having fun with a toy mouse


Lancelot and Arthur, Lance being his usual charming self :)

Little T asleep ♥

Perce and Lance

Dewey washing Lancelot, he still loves to wash kittens!

But Lancy was more interested in his tail! Too bad I didn't capture Dew's head, he really looked like 'huh, where did it go? :o' haha!

So cute sleeping together ♥

I'll schedule some kittenposts here too, so if you'd like to see more of them, check back in the coming days! Or if you really like to see everything of them, have a look at my fosterblog. Have a wonderful weekend and take care :)