Anna Gorelova by Dance Legend 07 Кот Баюн

Yeah, don't ask me about the name of this polish, haha, I have no clue what it says or how to pronounce it! :) When I got to pick some DL polishes, I thought this was a soft looking beige with subtle silver glitter and figured it'd make a nice nail art base. But to my surprise, that silver glitter is actually holographic glitter instead, prrrretty! Work appropriate and holographic glitters usually don't mix so well, but I think this polish might pull that off :)

Anna Gorelova by Dance Legend 07 Кот Баю

Anna Gorelova by Dance Legend 07 Кот Баю.

Anna Gorelova by Dance Legend 07 Кот Баю

This was 3 slightly thicker coats, but you can wear less as well, and if you want a subtle sparkly top coat, this could do the trick too! Ok, you get a hint of beige over your mani then too, but that doesn't have to be a bad thing, depending on the mani. Every coat applied smooth and even, no need to apply more coats to even things out, extra coats are just to build opacity.

Anna Gorelova by Dance Legend 07 Кот Баю

See how in daylight it looks more like silver glitter? And a blurry pick below to show the holographic sparkle a bit more. I really like this polish, it feels like a nice mix between sophisticated and fun!

Anna Gorelova by Dance Legend 07 Кот Баю

Anna Gorelova runs a Russian blog with stunning nails and photos, and she sure has great ideas for polish too! I have 3 of her collection and they're all awesome, the other 2 are a textured polish and a multichrome with scattered holographic particles, yum!

The polishes come in a little box, and that cute owl that's also on the bottle is split over 2 sides of the box (showing 3 boxes side by side here).

Next time I'll probably show several polishes in 1 post, but I've had a busy day (the last 2 fosterkittens have left today, aww), so I didn't have the energy to sort through a whole lot more pics. What do you think of this polish, is it something you'd wear? Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful weekend!

You can buy Dance Legend on their website, or have a look at the Hypnotic Polish website, they sell DL too!

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