Dance Legend RIO polishes

Yes, yet another Dance Legend post! The 3 polishes that I'm showing today are from the RIO collection, which consists of 6 polishes in total. They're all glitter toppers in similar colors and shaped/sizes, but I'll tell you more about the other ones below as well. I've swatched them on different colors, to give you an idea of the looks you can create with these, hope that helps!
But I have to be honest, these applied like you see more often in such glitters, and I kinda expected a little bit more... But then again, maybe I'm just a little bit spoiled thanks to the fantastic application of the previous DL polishes that I tried :) Tips: give the brush a good swirl to make sure there's plenty glitter on the brush, to prevent a lot of base and little glitter on your nails. Apply them dabbing, to prevent the glitters from piling on the tips. And as I do more often with such glitters, I also applied some on my placemat and used an orangewood stick to apply some extra glitters. I finished with top coat, but as you can maybe tell, I ended up with some airbubbles here and there. But I do think my application was to blame for that, and another layer of TC wouldn't have hurt either! Having said all that, I do like the look of these glitters :)

Starting with RIO #1, which happens to be my favorite as well, yay for bright, fun and happy nails! ♥ This polish comes in another version, #5 is the same I think, minus the orange square glitter. Loving this on white!

Next is RIO #3, it's the same as the polish above, but then without the star-shaped glitters. As you can see, they work fine on various colors, but I definitely prefer these on white as well!

And last, RIO #6, and this polish also comes in a green (#2) and pink (#4) version. I didn't capture this well, it was way prettier on the nails than on my pics, and it's a close 2nd for me :)

And here they are side by side! Neon & cute, and I think they could be great for adding little accents or a glittery gradient as well. What do you think of these glitters, would you wear them or are they something you'd pass on?

Polishes used as basecolors: white = China Glaze Snow, light grey = Essence Got A Secret, dark grey = Essence Pointbreak, black = Essence Black Is Back.

You can buy Dance Legend polish on their website, but you can also find them in other webshops, like Hypnotic Polish.

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