Foster kitten Mobi

Hey all! I showed you my new foster kitten before, but that was just 1 pic... time to fix that! I called the kitten Mobi (short for mobility), because he might miss a leg, but he sure doesn't care! The spirit in that kitten is amazing really, he's so enthousiastic and full of trust, full of life and full of joy, it's wonderful to see this happy kitten improve every day :) When he walks around he has more of a bunny hop, but when he's going full speed, you can barely tell he misses something! The stitches have been removed yesterday, his backleg is healing great too, and the dirt in his fur is cleaned quite a bit now. And he manages to surprise me every day again by doing something that I thought he'd still be uncapable of, like today he climbed his bench several times! And he's also stubborn, haha! I try to help him by placing stuff in the house in a way that he has extra steps to get higher up, but he just ignores that and keeps trying to jump or climb until he manages :) Besides that he's a real cuddle, has a very loud purrrr, yet a very soft and often completely quiet meow, SO cute! ♥ I'm skipping a lot of pics, because most show his amputated leg better, and even though it's healing great, I don't want to risk upsetting anyone with stitches and all that. if you don't mind seeing that and like to see more of him, you can always check out my foster blog :)

Soooo adorable... :)

On the scratchingpole! He manages to get about halfway now, by jumping and pulling himself up with his frontpaw, he even tried to climb the actual scratchingpole already!

Small size difference! He's quite an annoying kitten for Dew I think, he's starting to calm down a bit more now and they're bonding more, but that took quite some time! He's just so playful, wouldn't let Dewey wash or sniff, he jumps and slaps and plays straight away! But I hope/think that'll improve more in the coming weeks :)

I gave him the low playrails, it's in his bench now and he really enjoys it :) I lalalove his little tail, it's still a bit short yet it's so big and fluffy!

He just loves soft mouse toys!

Ending this post with him being a very cute slacker, I hope this show a bit that he has so much personality :D

Look at those chubby little backlegs! *squeee!*

I hope you enjoyed seeing little Mobi :) Thanks for looking!