The last kittenpost.... for now at least! *warning: pic heavy*

Last week all 4 fosterkittens left, Arthur and Tristram on Tuesday, Lancelot and Perceval on Friday. And I already received an update on Lance and Arthur, both are doing great from what I hear, yay! My fosterkittenblog is up-to-date already, so you might've seen all these pics already if you looked there as well, but I just wanted to share them one last time here as well :) It's gonna be a huuuge post, so I've added a little jump below!

I'm starting this post with a sight I do miss, a pile of kittens on top of my crochet blanket on the couch ♥ Lancelot on top, using Arthur as pillow, then Perceval, and Tristram is at the front, looking up

And speaking of Tristram, I miss his cuddles and snoozing on me, isn't he just too cute?!

This pic was taken shortly before he got picked up and Arthur had already left, I think he expresses how I felt at that moment, aww!

But luckily he looked happy most of the time during our goodbye cuddles :)

Then we have Lancelot, always ready to make me smile by being a silly little kitten! Or well, little... he was the heaviest and packed the cutest chubby little kittenbelly of them all :)

See! I told you! Look at that belly! :D

Next up is Perceval, that poor thing got quite confuzed after all his brothers left, but luckily it didn't take long before he got picked up too. I don't have so much photos of him from the last few days, with each kitten I took some pics right before they left, but because he was a bit upset I didn't do much of that with him. Missing his cute meows throughout the house, replying to me, telling me what he's doing and where he's at!

Look at his size! He was the lightest, but I suspect he just used all his energy to grow in height instead, haha! I didn't fully realize how big he got until the last day, when I took this pic and saw it on my pc later. Those paws, aww!

The kittens had a totally different face, but when I saw this pic I realized again how alike they can look as well! Perce in the front, Arthur in the back

Just like most fosterkittens, Perce loved Dew

And he had no problems with climbing a snoozy Dewey, haha!

Before Lancy left, he said goodbye in his own way to poor sleeping Perce :)

And last but not least, Arthur, he really looks like the little king of the 4 if you ask me!

Here he was fishing with his paw between the cushions, not a sharp photo but still love the look on his cute face there :)

The kittens also met my little niece, who loves Dewey (she calls cats Doedoe, so cute!), but showed interest in the kittens as well this time and gave them some candy. She did pick up on the name Perce later, but besides that, Dew's still her big favorite!

It's hard to imagine these 4 minicats used to be so tiny and dependant! They came such a long way already ♥ Ending this post with some kittens with Dewey :) Here's Dew snoozing on Arthur, I've never seen him go like this before with a kitten, and I lalaloved it!

I think this was their little goodbye, the day before Arthur left :) I also think Dew was a bit heavy at times for Artsy, lol

And here's Dew washing Arthur

I so love how he can hold kittens with those big paws :D

And lastly, first 3, then all 4 with Dewey... and yes, they enjoyed it more than he did, he just wanted to wash them! Poor Dewdew, haha!

Dewey and Sue are enjoying the calm house again, and even though I of course miss these adorable little knights, having extra cuddlemoments with my cats is definitely nice again as well :) But I'm sure in a while I'll have fosters once more, and since I had such nice replies to my kittenposts, I'll make sure to share my next fosterkitten(s) then as well! Hope you enjoyed this last Wall of Kittenpics, thanks for looking and take care ♥