Catrice Check & Tweed - Preview

Morning all! Catrice Check & Tweed will be in stores from mid September till end October, here's the preview of this LE:

clickable for an enlargement

Ultimate Nail Lacquer: London Calling - England’s Rose - Mind The Red! - Brit Chick - Hyde In The Park. € 2,99
Highlighting Powder: Flagg The Union Jack. € 4,49
Eye Brow Fixing Gel: Neutrally Brown. € 3,39
Quattro Baked Eyeshadow: London’s Eye - Town of Crown. € 4,59
Velvet Lip Colour: Queen’s BEAUTea time - Mind The Red! - Brit Chick. € 3,99

The tiny polish is Brit Chick I think, I always receive a preview file and a download link to pick up the images. That polish was shown in the preview but not a part of the download files, so I don't have a bigger version of it, sorry! Those polishes look like they could be interesting, but I'd have to see them in stores first :)