Essence hello autumn - Preview

I've already showed you the changes for Fall/Winter a few days ago, but besides their usual display changes, Essence will of course bring out more Limited Editions as well! This LE is called hello autumn (I still can't get used to no capital letters on their products, haha) and will be in stores from September to mid October.

clickable for an enlargement

Nail polish €1,99: beauti-FALL red - meet my pumpkin - charlie seen in green - keep calm & go for a walk
Hair ties €2,99: #outdoor yoga
Lip cream €1,99: beauti-FALL red - keep calm & go for a walk
Eyebrow set €2,59: leaves are the new beef - walk in the park
Multicolour powder €3,39: autumn & the city
Colour adapting powder blush €2,59: beauti-FALL
Eye pencil €1,59: leaves are the new beef - charlie seen in green
Eyeshadow palette €3,89: walk in the park - keep calm & go for a walk

It's very obvious for what season this LE is, and even though I'm not nearly done with Summer, this does make me long for Fall a bit as well! :) However, the polish doesn't look very original or unique, so I'm quite sure I'll be skipping those. But I am curious about the powder! Apparently it reacts to the individual pH value of the skin and changes into a fresh pink shade with soft glow. In Summer I can wear a lightly colored powder, in Winter I need transparent, this could maybe help make the switch instead of having to blend to an in-between color. And if the eyeshadow turns out ok, I might pick those up too! How about you, anything that sparks your interest?

Edit, I totally missed that the polishes are thermal polish! According to the press release (translated): This polish changes color, just like the leaves in Fall. After applying the polish, the original colors shine red, orange, lightgreen, brown and gold in various nuances depending on the temperature.
Apologies for not giving you the correct info from the start! Reile, thanks for pointing that out, and yes this sure makes them a lot more interesting! :)